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America: NY & Chicago

It was my first time in the United States so I was intrigued to see what the hype was all about from all the American Pinoys coming back home.  They especially praise NY saying everything is there; kinda like Manila.
And oh boy,  New York didn't disappoint. It wasn't the tall buildings, cheap chocolates, corner to corner Starbucks that made it great but more so the vibe that New York exudes. The diversity of people, every food niche you can think of and number of things you can do, watch and listen.
Having said that, the touristy bits were pretty awesome as well.
Mandatory visit

 We drove to Liberty State Park in New Jersey to go to Liberty and Ellis Island. Apparently, you can choose to go either through New York and New Jersey for the tour but the one in Jersey is the better option.

Ellis Island. X-Men!?

 This bit was I think an part of an old hospital or dorm, but I didn't think tourist had access to these buildings.
Plenty of boats to go around

How America became a nation of immigrants

Where did my group go?

 If anything the view of NY from Ellis Island more than makes up for cost of the tour. The sun was out all day so burgers while enjoying the skyline went down very nicely. 

People watching

Money shot right here

 Sitting on the shade with a glass of Lemonade. That's the (simple) life

There were tours on the ground. They nicely pointed out that Lady liberty is on the move; right knee bent. I didn't really go with the guided tour but the guides voice was that loud, you didn't need to.
 It cost extra to go on top but we were running out of time so we had to skip that bit. Such a shame though I imagine the view would have been amazing.


 Chicago is known as the Windy City. When we went there it was proper foggy. If only the wind was stronger to blow the fog away.

Wish, partially, granted.

The bean

 There is a park in Chicago right by Lake Michigan. As I said, it was summer and although it was foggy there were still people relaxing by the park.
I could imagine myself living in Chicago they say the winter is awful but at least rent is affordable and space is not that such of a premium.

 Back to New York to finish the bucket list though that mainly includes cheap food stops around Chinatown and walking around Soho.

 Passing by Times Square, it reminds me of Piccadilly Circus in London just super sized.
I can imagine myself spending hours sitting by the steps watching people and time pass by. Getting home might be a problem though but to a city that never sleeps - it's just one of the challenges of city life. 

And back to Chicago again for the flight home
Two weeks went by so fast. Another good surprise is how not-bad American airports are. I was told it doesn't compare with Middle Eastern Airports but I'd choose Chicago O'Hare between Bahrain or Qatar's airport anytime. 

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