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Paris, I know your tourist site like the back of Google Map

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Paris is like a yuppie, always fun, prepped and confident. My brother who hasn't traveled as much as myself wanted to see Europe so after prodding from my mum, I agreed to accompany him to Paris. We traveled with his partner so I was the official photographer..ho hum. 

Got the Lonely Planet Guidebook so that I can fulfill my tour guide duty.
 First stop was Notre-Dame which to my surprise had a Metro station beneath it. The last few times I went I alighted at St Michel and had a leisurely walk to the Church. The walk is worth it though, near enough the Latin Quarter.
Notre Dame is a working Catholic Church but as it was French and my French sucks so I decided to skip mass. Why oh why didn't we have a foreign language in High School, Ateneo, pourquoi oh pourquoi?

Went for a walk to the Shakespeare & Co bookstore nearby the queue was long so chilled in a square nearby

Paris has its share of people who god-knows-what they are doing. The fun is in doing ad libs ..

The better view, for myself, is behind the church. There are a lot less tourist but there is a busy road so just keep your eyes open.
Also, Paris being the 'City of Love' has an urban myth that if you place a lock in this bridge (I swear someone told me it was somewhere else) and throw the key in the river Seine your love is bound forever.
The city does remove the locks every now and again how many keys are in the river now is beyond me.
On the way to the next stop of my guided tour. The place to chill and people watch and probably spend kilig moments with partners.

Jardin des Tuileries

Always, takes my breath away especially when the sun is out.
On the end of this grand garden is the Louvre which we don't have time for today as it will take entire days to see all of the exhibit.

And to cap the day at the largest and most photographed rotunda (round about) in France, the Champs Elysee
We were staying just outside the city near Montmarte - where all artsies and hippies gravitate to. It was walking distance to the Sacré-Cœur.

My brother and his partner bought unlimited train tickets, I got the Carnet. The carnet is a booklet, which has ten tickets valid in the Metro (train). Basically, I paid about 13 euros for getting around the city while they paid close to 27.

That means they get to ride the Furnicular (the whole 15 seconds) while I had to walk to get to the church as I don't think it was worth it and more importantly I think it's part of the experience.

Mag Flanax ang may rheumatism

European cities have character, aint' it?

Eiffel Tower, the ultimate French symbol...

...unless it's their mastery of cooking canards (duck).

I want to be a cool tourist with a scooter.

Pro tip: Buy your ticket online and jump the queue if you want to get to the top.

The view on the second floor.

I decided to walk around the building near the Eiffel tower. There is a museum nearby but as my luck would have it - it's closed.
Trocadero has the most picturesque view of the tower.
As the sun was setting, I decided to leave my brother and his partner alone and just told them I'll meet them at the apartment. I felt like they deserve a little time for themselves.
That feeling crept to the next day when I went on my own to soak up some culture while they went to the Paris Crypt. The Louvre was close that day so all the queues were long.
Fortunately enough, the line for Rodin musuem wasn't. I didn't know why. Maybe he wasn't that popular now. In any case I was happy.

Gates of Hell
'Let's meet at the Gates of Hell.' One of expressions you can say to a friend without sounding that weird in the Rodin Garden.

The Pensive

Musee D'Orsay
One of the perks of going to the Rodin exhibit is that you can skip the queue for Musee D'Orsay as they sell combined tickets.

This impressive museum used to be a train station so it was impressively massive, bright and airy.
The actual  Gates of Hell by Rodin

I met up with my brother as I showed him some other points of interest nearby. I was hinting they go to Les Invalides just to see Napoleon but I couldn't get him to go. So we just walked around.
On the last day, my brother wanted to do the River Seine Cruise I told them where to go but I've already done it and wasn't keen on doing it again. I do want to go to rooftop bars like the one I found in London. I looked at the bible (Lonely Planet) and the best panoramic views are on top of department stores.
Oh well.

Views from Galeries La Fayette


Views from Printemps

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