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Amalfi Coast & Pompeii

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Last November, we took a long-ish break to visit the Amalfi Coast.
It's always been known as the playground for the rich and popular, so it's gotta be done. :)
November is the start of the low-season for Amalfi so we weren't able to go to Capri as no boats were travelling but, honestly, we wouldn't have found the time to go the Capri anyway.
When we went, I think the time was just perfect as the sun was out and there weren't that many people. Win-win.
We flew to Naples airport and then took a taxi to the Amalfi Coast. Cab prices were clear, fixed and regulated so take note NAIA.
We were dropped to our apartment that we have rented through AirBnb (Yey sharing economy)
View from the Taxi ride, priceless. Actual taxi ride about 100 Euros for the one-way trip..

View from the apartment. Waking up to this was just bliss
The apartment that we got had the most amazing view of the sea. Waking up early (even on holiday) was worth it.

You'd have to pay thousands of pesos for a view like this on a hotel. We know cause we compared a room with a balcony with the hotel next door!
We went for a walk to the next small-ish town and the deserted coast is just ace. Only the local seagulls kept us company.

Amalfi is known as a playground for the rich. Julio, ihanda ang helicopter!

 There was a lot of walking involved...
 One of my friends wanted to go the the Fjord Furore, if you google it most of the time the beach is almost always full. As it was off-season and the tide was really strong, again, we were the only one there.
That was amazing!

Only good swimmers need to try

 We rented a car and drove to Positano as the even the bus service was restricted, I guess not a lot of locals took the public transport.
Positano is one of the jewels of the coast.

 We waited until the sun came down to see it in its full splendor. I can only imagine what it looks like in the summer -although I imagine it would be crammed with thousands of people.

View on the drive back to Amalfi

Amalfi, of course, is the popular destination for the not-so-rich rich. Positano hotels are almost always posher and more exclusive than Amalfi but I thought Amalfi had more charm.

Peroni. I know Stella Artois is available in Manila now but you wouldn't even touch that after you'd had Peroni.

Posh hotel!

If I was a rich boy da-da-da-da...

The very charming Amalfi Cathedral
 We were worried as they had rain and clouds forecasted a few days before we went to Amalfi but we had the sun the days we were there.
 On the way back, we went on an unplanned visit to Pompeii. We were just gonna head straight back to the Airport but decided to leave a tad early and drop by Pompeii.

Mt Vesuvius

Italian Askals!

Dog 1: Sono Filippini. Dog 2: Si

 The relics around Pompeii definitely deserves a whole day just to go around but as we were pressed for time we only saw a part of it.

The site is massive and well worth the entrance fee.
 Interesting side note, they serve beer in Italian Mcdonald's only Peroni obviously.
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