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Pennsylvania & Philadelphia

Having, unfortunately, watched an episode or two of Breaking Amish I was superficially aware of how an Amish community is. It is a simple life. No internet, not much technology...just the basics. 

There's a visitor's center. They operate the tour bus from here for about $25. It must be weird being paraded like you are in an open zoo I imagine there is some resistance to visitors to their community but I guess where there is a market there will be people willing to sell.
I was told the older people are ambivalent if not tolerant of the guest but the younger people are resistant. I guess younger people are unsure about their identities - weren't we all - so I can imagine what's going on in their heads.

So with that, I kept the strictly tourist routes and shops. I did meet a young fella, I was told they don't like their pictures taken so respected that.
Surprise, surprise though. He was like any 20-ish year old, albeit a bit more polite.
He was cleaning his buggy and I asked him if his hand weren't freezing as the water was ice cold.
I didn't ask him about how life is living in a Amish community. I reckon if you're happy that's all that matters.

My uncle bought me this home made root beer. I wasn't really a fan of root beer, even the commercial ones. This one didn't change my mind but that packaging seemed fancy and drinking it from a glass bottle didn't hurt either.

After a short stay in Pennsylvania, we decided to drop by Philadelphia on the way back to New York.
Seeing as the Pacquiao - Mayweather fight is quite soon, we had to stop at the Rocky steps.

Risin' up, back on the street

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