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Mykonos & Santorini

My friends were saying how wonderful and captivating Santorini was. This was a few years ago but I've always considered that part of Greece so dear that it might be worth just going to others places where I can make my money stretch out a bit more.

As things go, one of my friend wanted a destination wedding and I'd (probably drunkenly) promise I'd help so I did. The wedding will be in Santorini next year so we went to scout for places and make a holiday out of it by seeing Mykonos as well.

Arrived at night but went for a walk the next morning and greeted by this

 There were a fair amount of cruise ships docking in Mykonos (and Santorini to be honest) mostly Americans, those we've talked to are friendly but unless you've made a drunken promise as well I wouldn't suggest going on one

 We went to the ruins of Delos. I've never really heard of the place until the night before we went so wasn't expecting anything. Return ticket is about 18 Euros and there was a 5 Euro entrance fee.

Ruins, indeed
  The image underneath is what you think it is. It's suppose to be for luck or something - Greeks aren't shy.
 Went home at 3-ish as the sun was becoming unbearable.
 We did what I consider as the best bit of my holidays. Chill, eat some nibbles, drink some lager and people watch.

 The next day, we decided to got the beaches. Enjoy the sunset. Top up the tan, I love the Filipino color. Just have that summery glow. Unfortunately, staying in England means the lack of sun made me look a bit pale.

 Agrari Beach
Sit down fee of 15 Euros meant I will chill out here as long as my soul and bum is settled

Agrari is a nude-friendly beach. Mooning isn't part of the deal..haha

 We wanted to see as many of the beaches as possible so left late in the afternoon to try and find a cool spot to watch the sunset.
 This one is fairly close to Mykonos town. No sit down fee but a lot, a lot of people.

 We went next to one of the local's beaches. Hey, they should know the cool spot to hang.

Our trust ATV's made sure we look cool getting lost.

Found this really posh hotel/bar that had a killer view. 

Our first chilled out sunset in Santorini

Refreshments were only a few yards back

The lovely engaged couple
Went back to Mykonos town for dinner. As always, it was picture perfect

 Tourist bits to check off on our third day.

Compulsory windmill pictures

Pensive about the state of the Greek economy?

 Apparently, one of the best places to watch the sunset and the windmills is in Little Venice harbour.

And wer'e off to Santorini.We booked the fast ferry but, my god, for some reason the engines were under repair so it wasn't really fast. Did we get compensation? No. Parang style Pinas lang

The ship stopped by one of the islands, Naxos. Almost half the people alighted on this island, leaving the seats very open. I got a whole row to myself. :)

And then Santorini. We stayed in Firostefani, which I would suggest over Oia (the touristy part)
The sunset is nicer, it's cheaper...just not as popular as Oia.
Views can be deceiving. Underwhelming in some parts..

The Souvlaki sold the cheapest meal on this part of Santorini. About 3 Euros for this chicken Souvlaki. It was simple and tasty.

Went on a catamaran cruise which cost about 95 Euros , that would include dinner and the sunset view from the Caldera

This is the heavily tourist part of the island. We went in summer so there were loads of people and it was really, really sunny at noon.

We went back to Firostefani to see our last sunset. We got the champagne out and drank from the hotel balcony.
It was a bit cloudy and one of the locals said it would even be more spectacular when you see the sun reflecting on the sea. It was good enough for me...
Until next year for the actual wedding...
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