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Maverick Sabre

November 28th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
Ever since I saw Maverick Sabre performing for Glastonbury, I've made it a mission to see him live.
His voice is refreshing; you instantly know he's a true artist.
Beside the rare events outside the UK though - Turkey and some festival in continental Europe - He rarely performs outside of Great Britain so I was really lucky to be here to see him.
I heard that he has a new tour for his new album and it's going be fairly near where I live so  I persuaded some of my friends to come and see him.
Liam Bailey for the warm up set.
This was in Manchester Academy 2. The place is quite intimate but I though just the right size for the crowd. A few years back, I was told, Parokya ni Edgar was in Manchester Academy 1 which is bigger than this venue but it was only about a third full. They might have been better off here.
Closer than it seems, it was pretty intimate.

Oh Samsung S6 Camera, you were so promising.

You can get close if you really want to. It's a bit of a trade, get close to the stage or the bar which is opposite the stage. Tough choice.

 One of the crowd pleasers is Come Fly Away sung acoustically. Amazing. Here is a sample from one his gig. I didn't take a video, I just don't. Enjoy the moment I say.

'Who needs a work out, when you're sweating like f*&#'

Emotion (Ain't Nobody) I though before was just okay but when he sang it live it just took it to another level. So here's the closest to live as I can find...you just had to be there.
 Amazing voice. Really good artist.

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