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Singapore, Manila and Home

November 3rd, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
I've got friends in the Merlion City and I've always heard how nice Singapore is or how clean it is and how there is order. so I decided I'd go for a short trip. How short? 12 hours from a flight with no sleep
 The day was a bit hazy as apparently smoke from forest fires in Indonesia are blown to the city. The cab and the tour driver wasn't happy - at all.

 Went to see the Malay part of the city. The distinction between the neighborhoods are so pronounced.
Just to piss my friend off, my first stop right of the plane was the Golden Arches. He's been saying because of the food choices in Singapore he has to be dragged kicking and screaming to eat at Mc Donald's.

The highlight of the food trip is Chili Crab though. It was so good. I'm just happy I had someone to help me finish the crab. I ordered the medium but it was so much for us. It was a messy goo of delicious. 

Crispy baby squid
Nothing beats the beat and the feel of home for me though. Arriving back in the country just puts my heart at ease - didn't help the jetlag though.   

Bicolandia in time for fiesta. 

It was a short holiday. I did manage to squeeze in an ATV tour of Mayon, yey!
Also, tried the posh tea experience in Avenue Square. I'm not really a big lover of tea but my friend was.
The service in Avenue is still impeccable I just wish they served scones. Warm scones and myself get along well.

A bit over the top service. Avenue is a pricey place but having someone hold your umbrella is overkill. Sprained hands, maybe?
Time to go back to reality.
One last hurrah in Singapore
I only had five hours to kill this time in Singapore. I exited customs to try more local food outside the transit lounge of the airport. They were still all good...
Singapore noodles in Singapore!

Perfection. No more peeling. Crabmeat in a bun.

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