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Skylounge at the Hilton TowerBridge

February 11th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments
Last summer, I began my hankering for rooftop bars. I like how you can just chill, have a few drinks, share a nice view and if you're lucky enjoy the sunset.
I've yet to go to one in Manila. I imagine watching the sunset in Manila bay on a cheap-ish rooftop bar must be great (business idea)
As I'm in the UK for a temporary job, i've hunted for the best rooftop bars to bring my visiting friends and families.
 Cocktails are a just alright for London (12 quid) so about 800-ish in Philippine peso. One thing I learned early enough, if you don't stop converting to what it would cost back home. I'd die of hunger and thirst. :)
Drinks are okay. They don't skimp on alcohol but the view is what you're paying for really.
There's a lot of city workers. So most everyone is dressed up; well they came from work. So suits and ties.
I have been to cheaper bars before. There was this pop-up bar near Marble Arch that's only 6-8 quid a drink - really cool and hippie but it's closed for the winter. Bummer

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