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The Lake District

While, not as big as the great lakes of the United States, the Lake District in Cumbria is as beautiful. It's oddly popular with Chinese and Japanese tourist and the odd Pinoys. It is wonderful. I know some Asians are stereotyped with liking bodies of water to bring luck but there IS something soothing about being close to a body of water. If I get the chance I would like to live near a lake; I'm moving to Manchester instead because it's more convenient for work. 
A distant relative lives in Lake Buhi and I've only been once but I did think it was a nice place to be. Tranquil and everything seemed to be at peace. 
Buhi. Just kidding; some rich person's villa

Snow capped mountains in the distance. It's wonderful. I am told a large part of the lakes are walk able hills.
Some British people I've talked to said they have created a sub type of leisurely walking to describe the experience in the lakes; fell-walking. It must be a very fulfilling experience; one man (Sir Wainwright) wrote a seven-volume book series on how to do it.
We didn't get chance to do much fell-walking though. We didn't plant this trip so we were wearing the wrong shoes, wrong clothes and just not prepared for any type of seven-volumed level of walking. 

The views by lake were enough though. This was taken in Bowness-in-Windemere. We brought a car and for ease of your visit bring one; there are tour buses and they do encourage walking but if you've got a kid and lazy kids-at-heart a car is a good idea.

We parked our cars in one of the free parking places around the park; you have to move it every two hours and there are paid all day parking if you don't want the hassle. We just didn't think we would stay that long. We were dead wrong.
On the way back, we stumbled to this part of the lakes. The park was run by the National Trust ,a charity run to conserve the national beauty of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. I think it would have been a good idea if we have something similar back home. Retirement is at 65 and some people go downhill right after; I think partly because they feel they have lost purpose and are housebound. I think older people have a lot to offer and organizations like this could them a reason to get up still, be active and help give voice as well as manage our natural treasures. 

My friend said bring a pebble to make sure I come back. I was like, I'll take a photo but don't really want to bring a stone back home. It's gonna look a bit odd.
I shall be back though...
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