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October 28th, 2007 No comments
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October 28th, 2007 No comments
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I’m starting to love YouTube:)

December 7th, 2006 No comments
AND WHO won't -- if on one's second try, he lands on a weblog of the venerable New York Times no less?

Well, that's what happened yesterday, to which my Grandview neighbor and fellow blogger Senen Ebio tipped me off in an email.

The particularly entry in the
NY Times weblog called The Lede -- which Tom Zeller, Jr. maintains -- can be found here. My YouTube videos -- the most popular of which had been viewed 901 times as of this writing since I posted it last Dec 4 -- can be accessed from this post.

To those wondering what's behind the name, here's the blurb:

About The Lede

In the news business, the opening sentences of a story are referred to as its "lede" -- spelled that way, journalism lore has it, to avoid confusion with the lead typesetting that once dominated newspaper printing presses. Although a tightly focused narrative typically follows the lede, every sentence in a news story has the potential to spiral off in new directions, and each paragraph leaves behind unexplored angles. That's where The Lede's mission begins.

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Maverick Sabre

November 28th, 2015 No comments
Ever since I saw Maverick Sabre performing for Glastonbury, I've made it a mission to see him live.
His voice is refreshing; you instantly know he's a true artist.
Beside the rare events outside the UK though - Turkey and some festival in continental Europe - He rarely performs outside of Great Britain so I was really lucky to be here to see him.
I heard that he has a new tour for his new album and it's going be fairly near where I live so  I persuaded some of my friends to come and see him.
Liam Bailey for the warm up set.
This was in Manchester Academy 2. The place is quite intimate but I though just the right size for the crowd. A few years back, I was told, Parokya ni Edgar was in Manchester Academy 1 which is bigger than this venue but it was only about a third full. They might have been better off here.
Closer than it seems, it was pretty intimate.

Oh Samsung S6 Camera, you were so promising.

You can get close if you really want to. It's a bit of a trade, get close to the stage or the bar which is opposite the stage. Tough choice.

 One of the crowd pleasers is Come Fly Away sung acoustically. Amazing. Here is a sample from one his gig. I didn't take a video, I just don't. Enjoy the moment I say.

'Who needs a work out, when you're sweating like f*&#'

Emotion (Ain't Nobody) I though before was just okay but when he sang it live it just took it to another level. So here's the closest to live as I can just had to be there.
 Amazing voice. Really good artist.

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Boom Beach – My Best Attack Without Deploying any Troops!

August 29th, 2015 No comments
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Grace Changes Everything – ENCS Music

July 29th, 2015 No comments
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Philippines: The New Frontier

August 29th, 2014 No comments
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Gravity – Sara Bareilles | Music Video Cover by Daniella Padre

August 26th, 2014 No comments
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Attend a Music Festival, Done!

July 19th, 2014 No comments
 Well, I promised myself I'd go before I reach 35 I'm glad to say I'm not even 30 and I've done it.
Mind you, It's not Glastonbury mainly because it's expensive and you have no choice but to camp the whole 3 nights  but it was still awesome.
It's called T in the Park. It is or was in Kinross, Scotland. They're moving to somewhere else.
It's not as big as Glastonbury or Coachella but I think it's just big enough so you won't feel suffocated.
We went on the first day of the festival so it wasn't as crowded yet although the camping site was already starting to look like tent city.
The grounds were still fairly spacious though

 The music started fairly early. Some bands I don't know, but all of them were quite good.

You had me at six.

 There were break times in between sets about half an hour for you to get re-hydrated and fed.
Haim was next but I just watched half of their show as although they were good but they weren't really my kind of music.

Pinoy din kaya sila? Shade din pag may time.

 Imagine dragons was the next band on the main stage. I thought I didn't know them but my friend said they're quite good so I went.

They were awesome. They were such a performer and so filled with energy.
Ta-ra-ta. Ta-ra-ta. Oh, How I Met Your Mother, I so miss you.

Ellie Goulding was next on stage then my highlight of the night, Ed Sheeran.
Biffy Clyro was the absolute headliner for that day and they did pull out all the stops for him - fireworks and confetti - but I went to see the other stages.
Plus, we had to catch something to eat so we had to give our spot. Well,  catch you next time Biff.

Setting up the stage

We were fairly close to the stage.

Amazing voice. Very talented, the only thing was it was very cramped near the stage. I could barely move. Definitely worth it though.

 We went to another stage to cap the day off (there were a couple of stages, btw)
Here is the back of Steve Angello's set.  It was actually getting cold as the night drew on but there were still a lot of topless people. I'm guessing when you're near enough the stage it gets warmer.
They were definitely not on any kind of drug. Definitely not.


I got a lanyard thingy - which all the cool people were wearing - so I know the time of the sets for each stage. They cost about 10 quid, proper expensive and overpriced but it was useful.

Ironically, it's their last year in Kinross (Balado) and it was just my first time but hey at least I saw them in Kinross. 

 There were a lot of simultaneous acts as there were a lot of stages. Why can't be at three places at once.

 Most important information from the map: loo, booze area, food and oh, yeah ..stage.

Phrase of the event: Here we, here we, here we f/**&%g go!
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Social Network (Again) – Look up!

May 6th, 2014 No comments

"Stop watching this video and live life the real way.."
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Robin Thicke & Maroon 5: Won’t go home without (seeing) you

January 14th, 2014 No comments
Before I head home, my friend managed to score tickets for Maroon 5 showing at the O2 Arena in London. Woohoo!
The cream on top was Robin Thicke was headlining along with PJ Morton.
It was my first time at the O2 and it was huge (comparing to the Dome in Cubao, hehe)
There were restaurants, bars, coffee shops and it even got its own tube station right in front - Oh wait, the Araneta has that. :)

 I decided to grab something to eat first as I knew it was going to be a long night. They start letting people in at 6:30pm but we didn't go in until about 8-ish so I was more than happy with my position in the pit.
The price difference from the general admission/standing compared to the side seats is massive and I thought all the fun will be where people will be dancing so I wasn't bothered with seats.
I wasn't wrong it was mostly umm matured people on the side seats and they couldn't really stand up to dance as they will be blocking the view from behind.
My phone (Nexus 4) doesn't do them justice but I was still able to see Robin and Maroon 5 - no squinting/binoculars needed.
I thought Robin Thicke was good. Soulful voice and he was dancing with his suit on. I couldn't even move comfortably with mine  - so kudos to him and his suit.

The concert wasn't seamless though. In between singers they had to do this to change the stage. So they turned the lights on. People went to the toilet to pee and buy beer.

A few minutes later....

 Then Freddie Mercury err Adam Levine came out. I certainly thought he was channeling the Queen with his moves and mustache. The girls weren't complaining though. Shouting, yes...

That is one huge HD TV!

It was a night to remind the masses just how many hits they have and they do have a lot. The band's guitarist is amazing and their Grammy Award nominated keyboard man (PJ Morton) didn't miss a bit. It was the first time I heard Adam Levine sing live and in between the sweary expletives he was alright. It was a fun night.
There was even a sing along moment when they played She Will be Loved - acoustically-ish. 

I wasn't really able to get a lot of pictures. First my phone's camera is crap and I'm just not the type. I'm more of the enjoy the moment kind of person and not the catalogue every step kind.

Where's Wally?!
Oh well, time to go home.
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Amazing day in Boracay…

November 8th, 2013 No comments

It was my first time in Boracay last October, a friend from Iloilo offered to show me around and I took him up on the offer. 
I went to Iloilo first, did the tourist stuff, and after that it was only a short-ish bus ride to Caticlan. 
It was lean season so accommodation was affordable and we were able to stay at the beach front in Station 2. 
It was a packed holiday. As it was my first time in Boracay the days were obviously too short for me; especially as I get up nearer ten-o-clock in the morning. Here are the pictures of Day 2. It was actually raining on and off but fortunately only in short bursts. 
I give credit to my camera for making it look sunnier than I remember.

We had to grab an late dinner to catch one of the shows which was apparently on its last leg. It was a bit baffling that the bulk of their show was done during the lean season but hey ho. 
There were still a lot of foreigners though - Koreans, Chinese, Japenese but being Filipinos we got a wee bit of a discount. 

A lot of miming but it was a fun cabaret show. 

Dream Girls. Dream probably. Girls uhummm

Probably seen a bit too many Bayanihan dances. It was fun though.

Korea! I'm not really a big fan of K-Pop but if this is the folk dances of Korea, wouldn't mind seeing them.

Buy 1, Get another 1 on the fans.

 We went to a buffet after. It was where all the dancing chefs were.  Unfortunately, I was too hungy to take a video. So I have shamelessly grabbed this Youtube video to give you a  glimpse..

 Food wasn't bad either. :)

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Alone for a day in Barcelona

August 27th, 2013 No comments
I caught a commercial about Estrella Damm on the television a few weeks ago. Quick warning, not for prudes as it wasn't MTRCB/CBCP approved.
Moving on. I remembered fondly my trip to Barcelona last year to meet a very good friend who was passing by. It's so rare that I get to see her so since I was fairly near that time I hopped on a flight to Spain; luckily, there was a cheap and direct flight to the city so it wasn't much of a hassle except for my battered bank account.
I did meet my friend on my first night in Barcelona but to both of our disappointment she was working the next day so I had the entire (working) day to myself. 
This was what I did on my eight hours that I was alone. 
As it's my first real day on the city. I decided to bike's part of a tour kaya may direction naman.  I did meet some people but it's not worth posting them - fleeting acquaintances if you will. I mean if they looked like the people on that video I would have made them this post's cover. JK
We stopped by for beer and mojito at a beach bar. We locked the bikes nearby apparently there's a lot of bikes getting stolen around the city but since I'm using a rental I wasn't that bothered. I still locked it though - they might make me walk all the way back. 
Man made beach for the Olympics in Barcelona. Very nice
ALLEGEDLY this used to be a throne room

La Sagrada Familia

After the short bike tour.  I took the furnicular to the Olympic Park on Montjuic. You could walk it from the city centre or take the bus but since I haven't rode a furnicular before and I was lazy...I rode the funky tram
Cool manholes.

Calatrava telecommunication tower

Missing handle sa poso., :)
Feeling even more lazy I took the outdoor escalator around

Before I knew it, I was in La Rambla again to meet my friend. She has brought her friend as well so it was kinda fun.
We found this local bar off La Rambla perched on a chair and just killed time. Tapas, pizza, servings of Paella and drinks.
We had a couple of jugs of Sangria - my first time. Now, I usually don't like red wine but this was actually good.
We had proper fun - just like the Estrealla Damm video, I mean we weren't bad looking the only real difference is no one took a video of us and we didn't have beer.   Bit tipsy really when we went home.
On the third day, we had to part ways as I had plans with friends who weren't in Spain. I took another flight and had to try this milky concoction called Horchata at the airport. They were serving red wine and soda both of which I didn't really fancy.
Why did I try it, for the very shallow reason that I had Horchata by Vampire Weekend on my playlist at that time.
Horchata on my way back.

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Music festivals

July 6th, 2013 No comments
I must go to a music festival before I turn 35. These are proper music festivals - off the beaten road, camping, booze and tail (daw) kind not the one held in school auditoriums with Muslim inspired music danced by school teachers or a high school dance crew fumbling around or a duet na pilit na bumibirit or - egad - doble cara


My country has the Wanderland.

Wanderland had a great start - but a lot of catching up to do, I heard.
There are many foreign bands and they seem to be headlining the acts. Nothing wrong with that but I'm not sure why that was the case. I don't think I'm bigoted when I suggest we give equal prominence to our local (struggling) artist. The way Glastonbury did for Mumford and Sons.
But I heard ( from a very reliable source/judge), it was alright. They should, I think, switch to wristbands. They're more efficient and look way cooler than paper tickets.

P.S. I don't know who the hell the chap is but he was blocking the view...jk. Great vid though

Merry old England has the most number of musically gifted people in the Billboard Hot 100. Glastonbury highlights that and then some.
Let's  talk about the elephant in the room - don't expect to shower for three days. Wet wipes lang daw. That' the Glastonbury way..haha. Pero I reckon I might be able to tolerate that for this...

Saka where else can you wear rain boots without looking like a dork?
I'll bring a Philippine flag para pag nag sweep ang BBC camera - boom. haha. I discover amazing singers when I watch Glastonbury (sa internet lang) like Maverick Sabre...

and the world discovered Mumford and Sons - who headlined Glastonbury 2013.
Yun lang nga medyo magastos. Napabili kasi ako ng album ni Maverick Sabre. Why oh why did I activate one-click purchase in Amazon?!

Boom na Boom sa Boom, Tomorrowland
What a fitting name for this town. Okay so it's in Belgium so I have to apply for a visa yet again. Unless. How do you say marry me for visa in Spanish? haha
I was 'researching,' right, apparently this place is close to Antwerp and has loads of accommodation to boot so di masyado stressed maghanap ng toilet at shower.
A Portuguese work mate told me, he was also keen on going here so it's not just my Asian curiosity for techno that draws me at lalo na dahil sabi nung DJ we are young, we are beautiful and we deserve the buzz around this festival...ano pang pipigil satin, di ba? Well beside the immigration desk.

Coachella for realz. Crabs - the good kind
Kung mobile app lang ang labanan Coachella wins hands on. Aside from the fact that it's in California so sunny weather and awesome beaches they also have....

Crab fries!
Mind you like Glastonbury they have umm young at heart people... who some (not me) might say is having a midlife crisis trying to recapture their youth.

I just hope I'm able to go to at least one proper festival before I turn 35. Otherwise, move over Danny boy, I need to take a photo as well.

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Cebu Pac: Bad-get Airline

June 5th, 2013 No comments
Having flown in many a budget carriers, I can say you do get what you pay for with airlines.
I read that making money here and abroad in the airline industry is getting harder. Fuel is getting more expensive, labor cost is rising and competition is bringing the cost of tickets down.
No-frills flights seem to be the way to go and Cebu Pacific seems to be taking the no-frills thing to a new level.

Seats. Yes, well maybe. In flight service. Yes. Checked in luggage. That's extra. Having plane crews and airports that are more ready to take on emergencies. No, not just yet. Coke. Yes. Chippy. No. Coffee, Yes.  
Personally, I have never had a bad (or really good) experience with Cebu Pacific. I do know someone who was supposed to go to Palawan but Cebu Pacific overbooked their flight (which apparently is the norm) and that meant they'll miss a day or two of paid accommodation.
They raised hell with the manager, minus, the C. Barretto level and demanded compensation. Rightfully so, I thought. A paid ticket should be a binding contract. It's not a conditional seat on a conditional plane; there was nothing conditional when they deducted the money from their bank account.
On the other hand I haven't heard anyone praise their service either. They seem to be proud of a 60% on time departure rate so really what do people expect about their standards?
Recently, they got flak for their ineptness of safety procedures when emergencies strike. Thankfully, no one died or was injured but the actions - or lack of it - of Cebu Pacific leave much to be aspired for.
Image from
More unfortunate is the fact that I already have booked tickets from September to October to travel around Visayas with Cebu Pacific. Dapat ata kumuha ng travel insurance nito.
We should really speed up the nation's open-air policy. Let competition do its job.  Lower cost and better service. I think the Filipino people should stop passively subsidizing inefficient domestic airlines. If they can't stand on their own - tough.
Of course I could just book it on a normal airline with all the frills. First class or Business Class?
But don't you just detest being offered yogurts every 10 minutes? haha

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