Amazing day in Boracay…

 It was my first time in Boracay last October, a friend from Iloilo offered to show me around and I took him up on the offer. I went to Iloilo first, did the tourist stuff, and after that it was only a short-ish bus ride to Caticlan. It …

Alone for a day in Barcelona

I caught a commercial about Estrella Damm on the television a few weeks ago. Quick warning, not for prudes as it wasn’t MTRCB/CBCP approved.Moving on. I remembered fondly my trip to Barcelona last year to meet a very good friend who was passing by. It’…

Music festivals

I must go to a music festival before I turn 35. These are proper music festivals – off the beaten road, camping, booze and tail (daw) kind not the one held in school auditoriums with Muslim inspired music danced by school teachers or a high school danc…

Cebu Pac: Bad-get Airline

Having flown in many a budget carriers, I can say you do get what you pay for with airlines.I read that making money here and abroad in the airline industry is getting harder. Fuel is getting more expensive, labor cost is rising and competition is brin…

Villa Caceres Hotel Naga City Philippines by: + 63 915 2755 397

Villa Caceres Hotel Naga City Philippines, Welcome to the new Villa Caceres Hotel. Located at Magsaysay Avenue, along Naga City’s famous entertainment and dining strip, Villa Caceres Hotel defines a new standard of luxury and comfort for its clientele that it can rightfully be called “The Gem of Bicolandia.” From its establishment in 1993, Villa Caceres Hotel has become a long way in delivering its guests the finest that Bicolandia can offer. From first-class amenities to uncompromising service, a grand victorian-inspired lobby, and a large convention center unparalleled in both scale and function.
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