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Girok: Erotika

December 16th, 2016 No comments

"Girok: Erotika" is an 250-page anthology of poems, short fiction, translations, a screenplay, a musical arrangement, and visual artworks by around 90 Bikolnon artists.

Published by Kabulig Bikol, Inc. with assistance from V.C. Igarta Foundation for the Arts, New York, U.S.A. It will be launched on 28 January 2017, on the occasion of the 5th Pagsurat Bikolnon to be held at the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, in Nabua, Camarines Sur.

"Harayo-harani an hiling, parong, tanog, namit, hapiyap kan puso asin sensibilidad. Ini an duon kan Girok: senswal sa laman, nangkikitik; senswal sa isip, nagpapangalas, nagpapalayog. Mateng-matè ta an arualdaw nagdadanay sa hararumon na bubon, sa dakulaon na natad. An tikwil kan dagâ nagigin osipon nin mundo. An sagid kan tagiti nagigin masulog na salog. An huringhuding kan panganuron sa banggi nagrarawitdawit kinaagahan. Ta girok man nanggad an duon kan sensibilidad Bikolnon. Pirmi nang may tama, may masiram na pulikat." — MERLINDA BOBIS

"An Girok bakong saro na naman sanáng katiripunan nin mga pagsurat Bikolnon kundi sarong napapalain na pagkadukay kun pànong an imahinasyon—urog na idtong napapalinya sa eros—pwedeng magin sarong paagi nin pasaysay na arte na malighang minakitik sa agimadmad kan parabasa, alagad minatukdo sainda na masabutan an kahulugan kan mga bagay-bagay na danay kutâ sanáng malibog asin harayo." — GREG CASTILLA
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Sayaw sa Butal poster

October 7th, 2016 No comments
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Desiderio by R.D. Añosa

March 2nd, 2015 No comments

AdNU Press, April 2015: Ticao Island entrusts us a poet as sincere as its unsullied shores and as furious as the strait that shuttles us to its core.
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AdNU Press: Youngest, Premier

February 22nd, 2015 No comments

Ateneo de Naga University Press: The youngest university press in the country. The premier resource of Bikoliana in the world.
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Sonétos Gabós: W. Shakespeare in Bikol

February 14th, 2015 No comments

Sonétos Gabós (Sonnets All) presents Gode B. Calleja’s translation in Bikol of all of William Shakespeare’s 154 Sonnets. It will be published in April 2015 by the Ateneo de Naga University Press in time for the opening of the 400th death anniversary (1616-2016) of the great Bard.
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New edition of Allan Popa’s ‘Hunos’

February 13th, 2015 No comments

Allan Popa's first collection of poetry, Hunos, will be republished in April 2015 by the Ateneo de Naga University Press. The new edition includes translations in Katandungan, the poet's native tongue, by Gerry S. Rubio and Arnold M. Valledor.
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Call for Paper for Bikol Studies: Jesuits & Bikol

February 12th, 2015 1 comment

CALL FOR PAPERS: "Bikol Studies: Perspectives and Advocacies" is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year by the Ateneo de Naga University through its University Press. The journal acts as a forum for critical and interdisciplinary approaches, perspectives and advocacies centered on Bikol, as a region, society, culture, and identity.

Bikol Studies accepts research articles, critical essays, photo essays, translations, commentaries, reviews and other forms of scholarly papers. Submissions should be sent as an attachment to a brief letter of intent to be emailed to Manuscripts must be prepared following the Chicago Manual of Style. The journal accepts submissions written in any of the Bikol languages, Tagalog or English.

For its Volume 2, Number 2, Bikol Studies sets focus on Jesuits and Bikol, with Dr. Rebecca C. Torres, Dean of AdNU Graduate School, as the Issue Editor.

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II kan “Metódo”

January 30th, 2015 No comments
Nangaturúgan akó:
mga tawu-táwong

na papél—
babáyi, laláki, dakól
sindá, nagbábarayli.

Itinurúhok ko saindá
an sakóng mga matá

na an mga iktín nindáng
hirô naglúhay
nin nag-

lúhay nin










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Bikol short film named finalist in int’l fest

January 12th, 2015 No comments

Chrismund Leaño and Frank Peñones Jr. take the roles of son and father, respectively, in "[Pa]Duman".

PENANG, MALAYSIA—Seven-minute Bikol film “[Pa]Duman” ([To] Someplace) was named one of the finalists at the TropFest Film Festival 2015. The announcement was made here on Thursday, January 8, in a press conference with the filmmakers and TropFest secretariat.

“[Pa]Duman,” which according to TropFest website depicts how, “along every road to someplace, there are stations where lives may change,” is the third directorial work of Jennifer Lyn M. Romano, a Communication graduate from Ateneo de Naga University. Romano’s first film “Kuwatro:Otso” was Bicol Region’s representative at the National Cinemarehiyon Film Festival in Cagayan de Oro City last year.

“[Pa]Duman” is written by prizewinning poet and translator Victor Dennis T. Nierva who is also featured as an actor in the film along with writer Frank Peñones Jr. and Chrismund Leaño. The film was entirely shot in Minalabac, Camarines Sur province, and produced by Romano and Nierva together with photographer Gerard Jan M. Asay who also served as its chief cinematographer.

The screening of the film along with fifteen other finalists and the announcement of winners will be held during the festival night on February 1 at The Esplanade, Penang. TropFest 2015 will be graced by internationally acclaimed cinematographer and director, Christopher Doyle.

The other finalists are: “Kat’s Diary” by Vanessa Amante, “Commune” by Sher Bautista, “The Steel Child” by Jake Soriano, “The Little Reader” by Inshalla Montero (Philippines); “All that Could Have Been” by Caston J. Chua, “Wheel Rolling Home” by Tan Yong Lin, “Emma’s Birthday” by Joyce Huan and Nicole Goh, “Tank” by Shu Kar Keng (Malaysia); “Lily” by Phan Nha Trang (Viet Nam); “Colorful Knots” by Polen Ly, “The Ride” by Sok You Chea, “The Scavenger” by Sothe Chhin, “Bubble” by Hang Sokharo, “ “A Fistful of Pebbles” by Somchanrith Chap (Cambodia); and “Bond” by Pek Hong Kun (Singapore).
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Meet Feak

December 14th, 2013 No comments

My first-grader nephew, Clyde, created this character out of modelling clay. He named him Feak. One afternoon, he took my camera, ordered me to move away because of my shadow, and started taking a series of photographs so that Feak would walk. Little did he know that he was already doing stop-motion animation.
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Tulad Tayo ng mga Tren

November 12th, 2013 No comments

nagmamadali, buong kapakumbabaang
kumukubli sa anino ng kakahuyan
habang nakatuon sa paroroonan:
tinatalunton ang mga gulugod ng kabundukan,
bumabagal sa mga kurba, pinakikiramdaman
ang bigat ng hila-hilang pag-asa,
bumubulusok sa mga burol kung saan
ang hangi’y nagiging bugso: tayo’y
nalalapit na sa minamahal;

walang lungsod o nayon,
humihimpil tayo sa bawat istasyon—
lahat ay itinatangi;
walang ibang tunog kundi silbato, parang
tibok ng puso, hindi nagpaparaya
sa mga paglisan

tulad tayo ng mga tren,
lulan natin ang pag-ibig—

naglalakbay tayong dama ang init
ng minamahal, parang gulong na bakal
na walang hanggan humahaplos sa mga riles,
laging umaapoy maging sa buhos ng ulan;
naglalakbay tayong nananalig, gumigising
sa mga bayan-bayan at tulog na mga kabahayan,
nagbubukas ng mga bagong araw

tulad tayo ng mga tren,
lulan natin ang pag-ibig—

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October 27th, 2013 No comments

You who are here: I take you into my mouth along with all your tastes and textures that I chew, stir, mix, swallow into my throat where you become the warmth in chilly night and the comfort in days of the sun; I feel and savor your careful descent in my esophagus, caressing each of my organs along your way, until you reach and fill my stomach where I crush you and take from you all your juices and spirits which will flow, in the beating of my willing heart, through my veins to all the portions of my body until you swell on even to the boundaries of my universe.

You who are here: I breathe you, you, freeze or fragrance that penetrates my nostrils, who wafts into warmth once inside my body, and goes on and on, unhesitatingly, until your entirety, the solid air, disintegrates upon the forking and tightening of the passages that bring you to my lungs where you are broken into pieces to fill those small pods where you cease being air and is made a thousand more unsullied until you become essences and permeate my body, so that while you surrender yourself, my chest expands and rises.

You who are here: You seize me, you who were born by light which gave you figure and swathed you with color, feel, depth, luminosity, even shadow or shade, and you are here now, piercing the soft of my shiny eyes, expanding, shrinking my iris until you are held by my lenses that turn you upside down to prove your presence, and you become that which is known or understood, winding through very fine channels that all lead to my consciousness, and from there, you unfold in a manner that can never be questioned: you are the truth.

You, who are here: I am dazed listening to you, you who are all the sounds of my world, slowly being sucked by my hearing, tickling the lobes and niches of my ears, deeper and deeper you go until you are transformed into placid puffs that quickly and untiringly hammer the drum that yields to everything that is you, from murmurs to thundering rumbles, and, ah, you stir my whole system and it then bestows names to everything that you are: music, words, nature, machines, all things; you are even the silence.

You, who are here: You remind me without end of my presence and that of yours here and now, you who are more than a name or a prophesy, you whom my fingers fondle or my skin feels or the soles of my feet put weight on or my entire body senses, who stirs to excitement all the cells of all my systems, until all these understandings rush in a race though the labyrinthine paths under my skin, like surges of electricity, in an unimaginable quickness, to the core of my head which responds at light’s speed, so that what has been understood becomes fine sands along the seashores or  sweat glazing anyone’s back or the silken dress of the one next to me, who has been, after all, you, whose chestnut-colored hair is being blown by the wind and touches my right cheek.
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The First Peñafrancia Fiesta in Naga (Abridged Edition, 2013)

September 6th, 2013 No comments

Story by
Wilmer Joseph S. Tria

Artworks by
Richard Regalario
Victor Dennis T. Nierva

To be launched next week!
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May mga Pugot na Payo sa Luwas kan Bintana

August 19th, 2013 No comments
Text: Victor Dennis T. Nierva
Music: Jireh S. Pasano
Performed with: Donnel Ramirez & Abigail S. Pasano-Del Puerto

May mga pugot na payo sa luwas kan bintana.
Ilag sa luwas, pirming nakatunganga.
Lagatob kan daghan, makusog, dai mapugulan,
Mga tuhod, mga takyag, biyong linuluyahan.

May mga pugot na payo sa luwas kan bintana.
Biyo an ganot mo, daing untok an simong luha.
Sinusumpong, nariribong, kinaban nagtatalibong:
An mga pugot na payo, nagrarani, nagririmong-rimong.

Haaah! Haaah! Haaah! Hain ka na baya?!
Haaah! Haaah! Haaah! Hain ka na baya?!
Tugang, aki, agom, kataid, amigo o amiga!
Haaah! Haaah! Haaah! Hain ka na baya?!
Haaah! Haaah! Haaah! Hain ka na baya?!
Kan kaipuhan taka, tadaw nagpabaya?

May mga pugot na payo sa luwas kan bintana.
Dai mo nabibisto, lawog na nalalapa.
Madugong mga bungo, panong lugad asin kulog.
Ta dai mo hilingon, lingaw ka na kan pagbanog?

Kan nahiling mo siya, anong ginibo mo?
Nagdulag? Nagliko? Nagbalyo nin tinampo?
Nagpasalamat ka garo ta bako simo nangyari.
Nagtuninong, mayong labot, inisip an sadiri.
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Awit sa Anghel

August 9th, 2013 No comments
Text: Victor Dennis T. Nierva
Music: Jireh S. Pasano

Ipirong na an simong mga mata,
an puso mo ipahingalo na,
ta nagrararom na ining pagkabanggi,
abang ugmang aldaw an nakaagi.

Saaga na ipadagos an pagkawat,
an simong mga hapot pati harakhatak.
Tuninong na an saimong palibot,
Tatamungan taka, kukuguson sa lipot.

Anghel ko na labi ka-padangat,
itiklop na an simong mga pakpak.
I-untok nguna an saimong paglupad.
Pagmata kan saldang satong itutugkad.

O, Anghel ko na labi ka-padangat,
magturog nang may ngirit na walat.
Ika an pagkaaga, ika an kaugmahan,
Pagturog mo sakong babantayan.

Halion an gabos na handal o takot.
Anuman na ribaraw dai ko itutugot.
Saimo an gabos, an bilog na kinaban,
mantang ako saimong kaibahan.

Turog na.
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