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There’s This Chapter In My Life…

January 22nd, 2006 No comments
It’s about my dad and his problem with alcohol.

When he is sober, he can be a very nice dad, so full of dreams (even if they may sometime sound out-of-this-world and outright impossible).

For as long as I can remember, he’s been an alcoholic. He was diagnosed with a very bad prostate cancer, his dorsalis pedis can’t be palpated anymore, he really lost a lot of weight but still won’t stop drinking alcohol or stop smoking. He was unable to hold on to his jobs. With his alcoholism, deterioration of his character followed next.

When he’s drunk, the usual scene at our house would be him shouting on the top of his lungs, him saying really bad words to my mom, and him breaking the window, the chairs and even banging the door.

On Jan. 22 at around 4am, dad was taken by the police to spend 12 hours there because of alarm and scandal and malicious mischief. But before he was taken in by the authorities, he so was drunk and shouting and banging the door and the windows of our house at three in the morning. The police came and made him ride the car. Even if he was already inside the car, dad tried to run away but his plan to escape did not push through. He was again taken in, inspite of his shouts.

Tonight, when his 12-hour stay inside the police station, dad was taken to a private rehabilitation center in mandaluyong city (manila) for a one month rehab. Hopefully, he will be rehabilitated. But after a month, what will happen next? Either he remain sober or either he may return to his drunken ways.
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