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Ma�3-umpo� si AdeNU HS’90 ALUMNI MASS!

March 30th, 2006 No comments

By Mon B.

Ma-3-umpo si AdeNU HS 90 Alumni Mass ta, si Mon B amay amay ta nagpreparar para sa Mass and reading assignments.

While waiting for the Mass to start, I was able to talk to Mr. Ringo Badilla who is an official of the ADENUAA (Batch 81) and gladly welcomed our class (not batch, american standard english). He asked for the complete roster of our officers to include it in the general roster of all AdeNU alumni classes, I told him we’re just starting the organization phase but the eagerness among our batchmates is on a high tempo.

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Entry 006-12: Kutat!

March 30th, 2006 No comments
Kan naka-aging semana I had my first BP drop in years of taking prescription drugs i.e. Telmisartan, Lipivas, Simvastatin to 110/70 and having experienced the scare made more value my existence and thank GOD everyday, but if you'll ask Luz without any hesitation she’ll blurt-out whooo talsot! During this week, I was invited by my Boss along with my PHP Yoda to receive the award for “best city
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Are We [Jo-logs]?

March 29th, 2006 No comments
Jologs ka!... Jologs Ako!... Jologs Tayong Lahat!...

So goes the soundtrack for GMA-7's newest reality show Jolog's Guide aired on Sunday primetime. Lucky to have a few minutes for viewing, I sat in front of the boobtube to see for myself the initial episode of the show. I found it funny, ridiculous and all together frightening. It is a breakthrough show, I must say. It made me laugh, cry, roll in pain, curse in anger, blush red in shame and wish I could just die. Evaporate myself.

I first heard of the word jologs in a family gathering from my eight-year old cousin who was teasing a boy from the other block and calling him names. I begged for his attention and verified the word he had just said. Asked to define the term, my cousin said jologs means ugly, cheap or batang squatter. I consulted Wikipedia and to my surprise, a third grader actually gave me a good if not at all precise definition.

Jologs is a word that originated from a pinoy discotheque with French-sounding name Jaloux, operating up till the middle of 1990s in Quezon City, Philippines. Fun loving creekside slum boys with an eye to enter the discotheque (prohibitive prices and burly bouncers notwithstanding) seemed incapable of pronouncing 'jaloux' as [ja-'lou], the supposedly correct pronunciation. Undaunted, these economically disadvantaged hip-hop-wannabes took to saying "Ja-lux tayo!" (trans., "What say we check out Jaloux!"). Some well-off kids, coño boys and girls that frequented the club circa 1994, start making fun of the wannabes for hanging their ignorance out quite like the oversized hip-hop belts that hang from their narrow waists. "Mga 'jalux' yang mga yan," ("Them's 'jalux' boys, them is –"). Over time and repeated use by different kinds of people this 'jalux' evolved into the 'jologs' commonly heard today.

Any person deemed to be acting, exhibiting behaviours, in a manner similar to the commonly observed behaviour of slum teenagers is a jologs. In Philippine fashion, the word is used to exact a term that means gaudy, unelegant, without refinement in taste, thus the birth of jologs getups and accessories.

Related terms like jumulogs (to be a jackass), jinologs (to play pranks or joke on someone) and jologin (to be backstabbed) have evolved from the term through its daily usage.

The Filipinos' sense of fun and making fun of one's self is unmatched anywhere in the world. The jologs phenomena is a new sub-culture which could have probably emanated from the Filipino's escapist attitude to laugh, and not to think of solutions, about societal problems. The scary part is, the jologs have found a way to institutionalize this attitude problem and worse, just laugh about it.

It's a jologs country afterall, or so they claim. Reality is, most of us Filipinos can hardly afford to treat our selves for a gimmick or nightout. Most of us Filipinos, though raised and educated in a public school system that treats English as a tool subject, have teachers that are less proficient in the English language causing a down slide in the current and future statistics of good English speakers and writers. Most Filipinos' purchasing power are way below the extra income that other nationalities can actually spend for the trendiest and high-quality fashion. Most Filipinos don't have the opportunity to engage them selves in activities that emphasize and develop refinement in conduct and speech.

Who's to blame? Erap, for having been catapulted to a jologs presidency? Gloria for jologin us Filipinos to a rule that is marked by dishonesty and dirty tactics? Ethel Booba, for the jologs show? GMA-7 for ruling the ratings through shows like this one? ABS-CBN for encouraging and producing shows that are entirely kajologan?

I cannot pass the buck and point my finger to any one or to any group. Neither would I subscribe to the idea that I am part of this jologs country. What's clear though is most Filipinos have treated the jologs phenomena as another way to warp themselves from the desperate situation the country is facing. My analysis is, the jologs culture is a manifestation that most Filipinos have come to accept the ugly face of poverty and have made them selves a part of the problem rather than being proactive agents to think of solutions to the ills of the society.

To put in a happy picture in the midst of an all-time high poverty rate, is foolishness enough. To accept this reality and just laugh about it, is doubling stupidity. To make a TV show out of the problem is I guess testing the wits of many, including mine and yours. Jologs ka ba?
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Sweet and Sour: A Docufilmfest

March 23rd, 2006 No comments
March 17 -- I was invited by the Naga College Foundation Philosophy of Man Classes to chair the board of judges for a documentary film fest on the Nature of Human Life. It was dubbed Sweet and Sour which at first led me to thinking it was a cooking show of sort. As it turned out, the filmfest was an appealing recipe of real and inspiring life stories.

Together with my co-judges (Cyril Diocos of ABS-CBN Naga and Rachel Ann Peoro of Bigg's) I was amazed to see how the NCF philosophy students had managed to come up with mini-films that captured some of the most interesting facets of human life. Docus dealt with optimism, relative optimism, pessimism, triumphs and failures, yin yang, and love. People from all walks of life provided answers to simple questions of life. It was surprising to see how varied people react and answer to these questions.

While most of the outputs lack the technical luster, it was well expected from students. It was laudable though seeing the solid team effort and creativity of the young minds that powered each of the entry shown. I must congratulate the team that produced the video "Filipino Gulong Ng Palad: Liwanag sa Likod Kan Panganuron" for coming up with a work that was both enriching and philosophically sound. The group also garnered the grand prize in a unanimous decision of the board of judges.

My congratulations too to the esteemed members of the NCF faculty of Philosophy of Man headed by Mr. Silvestre Caoili. Sirs Jose Carlo Lavapie, Dariel Palmiano and Darrell Lomeda together with the activity coordinator Ms. Divina Corazon Borbe, you all deserve a commendation for this meaningful project.
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March 17th, 2006 No comments
Suudma, hinale na an lumang bintana asin an kolor-abong kongkretong lanob na sana an natada; iba man sa nakatu’dan ko nang ta’nawon sa laog kan sakong kuwarto—ngunyan may pagmate nin kaulangan sa laog kan sadiri. Paghona ko ta mayo na an bintana, mayo na an lugar kun saen tinata’naw takang pirmi mantang parani sakuyang daghan, mawawara naman an giromdom. Dai pa palan.

(salin sa Filipino)

Kahapon, tinanggal na ang bintanang luma at ang kulay-abong dingding na kongkreto na lang ang natira; iba sa ang nakasanayan kong tanawin sa loob ng aking silid—ngayo’y may pakiramdam ng kasalatan sa loob ng aking sarili. Hinuha ko dahil naglaho na ang bintana, wala na ang lugar kung saan tinatanaw kitang palagi habang papalapit sa aking dibdib, maglalaho na rin ang gunita. Hindi pa pala.
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Pobreng Juan

March 15th, 2006 No comments

from Shel Silverstein’s Poor Angus

O anong ginigibo mo, Pobreng Juan,

pag pinapahibi ka nin makuring kagutuman?

“Ay! Sinísirâ ko na sana man

an mahibog na panganuron asin an kalangitan.�

O anong sinusu’lot mo, Pobreng Juan,

pag minahoyop an doros sa kabukidan?

“Ay! Tinatamong ko na sana man

an maimbong na paglaom asin an kaburakan.�

O si’say na an si’mong namomo’tan, Pobreng Juan,

ta naghale na si Isabel sa satong banwaan?

“Ay! Iyan kapobrehan na ‘yan,

dai ako nin paagi tanganing madulagan.�

(salin sa Filipino)

Pobreng Juan

O anong ginagawa mo, Pobreng Juan,

kapag pinaluluha ka ng labis na kagutuman?

“Ay! Inuulam ko lang naman

ang makapal na ulap at ang kalangitan.�

O anong isinusuot mo, Pobreng Juan,

kapag malakas ang hangin sa kaparangan?

“Ay! Kinukumot ko lang naman

ang mainit na pag-asa at ang bulaklakan.�

O sino na’ng mahal mo, Pobreng Juan,

at nilisan na ni Isabel ang ating bayan?

“Ay! Ang kahirapang iyan,

wala akong paraan upang matakasan.�


Salamat By, sa’yong Pilipinong kamalayan 🙂
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Entry 006-11: Pinoy Big Daddies!

March 15th, 2006 No comments
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Dumaguete Workshop

March 14th, 2006 No comments
Applications for fellowships to the 45th National Writers Workshop in Dumaguete City are being accepted until March 31. National Artist for Literature Edith L. Tiempo, workshop director, announced that the summer sessions are to be held from May 8 to 27.

Application letters should be addressed to Dr. Tiempo, 2nd Floor, CAP Building, Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City, together with a resumé, two 1×2-inch photos of the applicant, and manuscripts in English in any of the following genres, with respective quantity: 3-5 short stories, 7-10 poems, 3-5 creative non-fiction essays, or 2 one-act plays.

The manuscripts can be sent as hardcopy, but should also be accompanied by a disk copy, preferably in MS Word, plus a certification that the works are original and a recommendation letter from a professor of literature or creative writing or a writer of distinction.

Fellowships cover board and lodging and a modest stipend for the duration of the workshop, as well as partial reimbursement of travel fare.

Writers who have already received fellowships in other national workshops for this year are enjoined to apply at another time.
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Kid Handles Mixtape Vol. 1

March 14th, 2006 1 comment

official mixtape

Author: pinoyballa
Keywords: MadeULook International naga city streetball Kid handles
Added: March 13, 2006

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Viva Naga 2007 Logo: The Artist’s Concept

March 14th, 2006 No comments
Viva Naga 2007 is a tourism and investment promotion campaign of the City Government geared towards attracting more visitors and businessmen to come and do business in Naga. VIVA is Visit and Invest in Vibrant Naga abbreviated, followed by the year 2007 that highlights the entire duration of the campaign.

When I was tasked to conceptualize the project logo sometime in December last year, things were a little tough nut to crack. For one, combining both tourism and investment related design elements in one graphical representation would entail a careful, if not meticulous, effort to show the inert potentials of the city making sure it appeals to both the tourist's fun-seeking mood and the business person's corporate ideals.

Second, colors that are considered business looking may or may not be able to project the kind of vibrancy that the slogan tries to exude. A mix and match of colors thus have to be resorted. AND later, to my own surprise, I was able to come up with one of the most colorful logos made in the history of logo design. LOLS.

In a Yuletide evening with me spending a whole lot of time alone in the office, while other people drown themselves in christmas partying, the idea of the VIVA NAGA 2007 project logo was finally conceived. A mental orgy of sort, concepts and colors got united and was drawn to reality. I found out a lot of things in Naga City that could easily become major points of interest for both market segments, the tourists and visitors.

Naga is rich with history, cultural heritage, and fun-filled activities. Economically, the city has grown by leaps and bounds with more and more businesmen moving in and changing the business climate of this storied Spanish city. I gathered, it won't be difficult to pick ideas from the city's cultural and economic profile.

Naga is a riverine city. In the logo, you will find buildings that characterize a progressive urban center near the popular Naga River where the story of the Peñafrancia Fiesta for which the city is known world-wide began. Waves of different colors shaped to the letter N is adapted from the Proud Ako logo introduced sometime in 2004.

VIVA NAGA letters are etched with figures that are uniquely Naga. The letter I is shaped to portray the individual Nagueños and their active participation to the local government's innovative programs such as the widely acclaimed i-Governance. The letter A stands proud as the iconic symbol for the Our Lady of Peñafrancia, the central figure for the city's September celebration of the Peñafrancia Fiesta. While the dotting hearts on the A's of the word Naga portrays the city as the long recognized center for education, religion and trade in the Bicol region.

A yellow orange to red colored sphere adorns the background. These colors symbolize dynamism and vibrancy of the city’s local economy. The sphere signals new horizons dawning for the city with more industries promising greater economic development.

Tessa Rey who works for the Metro Naga Development Council gave me good impressions about the logo and was eventually tasked to do a brief explanation for the slogan. The Mayor’s instant liking of the logo convinced me it will suffice its purpose. While the project launch is still in the offing, most of the city government’s materials and multi-media ads already carry the VIVA NAGA logo. I can only wait for the logo to be etched in every city hall employee’s uniform.

Here’s what Ms. Rey has to write about the Viva Naga 2007 slogan:

VIVA NAGA celebrates all the best that the Heart of Bicol dares to achieve … one of the oldest cities in the Philippines that remains the center of gravity in this part of Southern Luzon, Naga City offers a unique blend of the old and the new… flavored in a rich history of culture and religion; powered by a dynamic environment with investment potentials for evolving economic growth and unlimited milestones….
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March 13th, 2006 No comments

Kun pa’nong an puso
biyong kinukulit,
o an bilog na kalag
garo baga mapapa’kit,
o an lipot kan banggi
kun pa’nong pinapainit
kan lanit na dara
ka paghapot sa langit:
na ano daw an rawit-dawit?

Asin an hapot sisimbagon
nin mahibog na ambon:

arog baga na
kun pa’nong an kalag
o an tubig sa langit
inuuran, minatipwak,
sa harak-hatak
kan mga aki sa tinampong
dati mainit,

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Emergency Room

March 12th, 2006 No comments
Asin pinabuksan

kan doktora

an emergency room

kan lumang ospital,

nasaldangan an rapak

na mga higdaan,

nag-alisngaw an parong

kan mga raot na bulong,

asin an alpog nagwarak

sa maimbong asin basang duros.

Nagbalik an nagdadaralagan

na mga ladawan

kan mga nadanyaran

na kaidto ilinaog duman,

nadangog liwat

an mga agrangay ninda

na haloy nang natuninong,

nagdukot na

sa lanob kan kuwarto,

namansayan liwat

an mga anino ninda,

asin an nagririkas na paghiro

kan mga nawawa’ran paghangos.

Nag-orden an doktora:

linigan an kuwarto!

Alagad an mga katabang

nagsayuma, naglahad

na dai ninda agod

an bata kan parong,

an mundô kan pagmate,

an gabat kan giromdom

kan mga katugangan,

asin an takot kan maabot

na aldaw.

An silot ninda:

sarhan liwat

an emergency room.

(salin sa Filipino)

Emergency Room

At pinabuksan

ng doktora

ang emergency room

ng lumang ospital,

naarawan ang gula-gulanit

na mga higaan,

umalingasaw ang amoy

ng mga sirang gamot,

at ang alikabok kumalat

sa mainit at mamasamasang hangin.

Bumalik and naghahabulang

mga larawan

ng mga nagdaramdam

na noo’y ipinasok doon,

muling narinig

ang mga daing nila

na malaon nang natahimik,

dumikit na

sa dingding ng silid,

namalas muli

ang mga anino nila,

at ang bumibilis na paggalaw

ng mga kinakapos ng paghinga.

Nag-utos ang doktora:

linisan ang silid!

Ngunit ang mga alagad

ay tumanggi, nagpahayag

na ‘di nila makakaya

ang sulasok ng amoy,

ang lungkot ng damdamin,

ang bigat ng alaala

ng mga kapatid,

asin an takot

kan maabot na aldaw.

Ang mungkahi nila:

isarang muli

ang emergency room.
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Entry 006-10: Stripping Magsaysay

March 8th, 2006 No comments
Who would think a residential area will evolve into a resto/bar strip? That was the scenario six years ago; of course Villa Caceres Hotel started it all but it was Chilli Peppers who started the buzz and the rest as they say are history. Now the area boasts about 10 bars/restaurants but the way things are going … it will double in few years time. Alas singko na! An mga kalag buhay na buhay
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Mga Larawan mula sa “Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio”

March 7th, 2006 No comments
"Ang Unang Tagapagtanong."

"Wala kang kasalanan? Titingnan natin."

"Pag-aaruga ng bata ang krimen niya!"
"Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio"
A Palanca Award-Winning Play by Dr. Paul A. Dumol
March 1 to 4, 2006
Fernando Hall
Ateneo de Naga University
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Entry 006-9: Amazing Oil

March 7th, 2006 No comments
ShoutWire short feature of “the world's most amazing buildings� had my jaw dropped, after seeing those designs all I can say is WHOOO! Ambitious projects and they’re all in Dubai, U.A.E. Except from oil and gas where does the money comes from? Madali na daa kayang maubos ang oil ninda kay sa tourism na sinda nagpo-focus. It's no surprise that my sister Rhod quit her sluggish job ins earch
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