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New year’s resolution ko sa taong 2007

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Jerome & Mariel

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Tawa Muna Tayo with Manny Poohkiaw!

December 30th, 2006 No comments
This one is very funny...let's all share a good laugh this time..and for those who were able to watch it already, cherish this hilarious Pinoy TV classic one more time..Happy New Year everyone! Cheers!

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Enrol na sa

December 29th, 2006 No comments

Isang 100% Pinoy (?) sowzyal-networking websayt ang nilots ilang buwan na ang nakararaan. Target nito ang mga Filipinong estudyante at alumnay o mga Friendster user.  Sa ngayon meron nang 15,000ng 'estudyante' ang websayt na

Unang napansin ko sa websayt, ang pangalan. Bakit di na lang 'iskul' as-in 'iskul bukol'? Opinyon ng isang blogista:

I have a problem with the name. “Eskwela” is not even 100% Pinoy. It’s a derivative of the Spanish word for “school.”. The Tagalog word for “school” is “paaralan.” I know it may not be as catchy as “eskwela,” but it you are going to tout yourself as “100% Pinoy,” then you should live up to your word. Also, is that the correct spelling? Isn’t the correct spelling “eskuwela?”

Tagalog at Filipino ang 'eskwela'. Ito ay hiram-Spanish na part na ng vokabyulari natin. Katumbas nito ang Tagalog word na 'paaralan'. Pinaikling 'eskuwela' ang 'eskwela'. Kung ako ang tatanungin, mas cool sana kung 'iskul'. Okey lang. Kwela rin naman ang 'eskwela'.

Enrol na!

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re-learning object pascal

December 28th, 2006 No comments
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Pasko sa Kabikolan Songwriting Festival

December 28th, 2006 No comments

28 December 2006

I am attending this event tonight. I think it is just right to support our very own Bicolano songwriters and in my humblest way, be able to help - in the words of the organizers - "keep the flame of BIKOL CULTURE alive".

And why not?

I am someone who finds joy and contentment in wishing and working for development of self and my community.

And I personally believe that a rich and vibrant culture is a sine qua non for development not only of a person, but more so, of an entire society. And the arts hold a very special role in making and keeping a certain culture dynamic, significant, and splendid. Indeed, who could ever discount the critical place occupied by the theater in, say, New York and London? Or by film in Japan? Or by visual arts and opera in Italy? Or by literature in Greece? Or by ballet in France?

Yet, who could ever undermine, much more deny, the importance of music to our very own Bicolano culture? And of our culture to our growth as a society? And of our artists to our history, our unfolding saga, and our destiny as a nation?

With this having been said, UP President Emerlinda R. Roman's rather interesting take on this comes into mind. She recently said --

"A people without art are a people without soul. We keep complaining that our nation seems stuck in crisis after crisis, and that neither politicians nor priests, nor economists seem able to do anything about it. Perhaps it is to our artists that we should turn for guidance, for it is the artists who remember our past, interpret our present and imagine our future."

'Makes sense, right?

And so, while, for some reasons, I have the greatest deference for writers, filmmakers, and musicians, I personally have so much respect for the artists of the world...

--- Such beautiful souls, and beautiful minds.

See you all there!
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Souvenir Program

December 27th, 2006 No comments
Attached in PDF (requires Adobe Reader) is our souvenir issue  for distribution during the Orogmahan on Saturday, December 30, 2006.  The actual magazine is a 54 pager program (12MB size), not included in this online version are sponsors.  File is 3.9MB in size, it may take awhile to download.
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Dinagat Islands, ika-81ng probinsya

December 27th, 2006 No comments

Nung December 2, vomowt ang 70,058 rejisterd vowters sa Surigao del Norte upang maging isang ganap na probinsya ang Dinagat Islands at 63,144 ang tumutol. 

Nag-"No" man ang 20ng bayan at isang syudad ng Surigao de Norte (kasama ang Loreta at Tubajon na parte ng Dinagat Island) at 5 lamang sa pitong bayan sa Dinagat Island ang nag-"Yes" kasama ang San Jose (kapitolyo), Basilisa, Dinagat, Cagdianao at Libjo, nariyalayz pa rin ang pagkrieyt ng ika-limang probinsya ng Caraga Region dahil sa mababang bilang ng bumuto sa mga lugar na nag-"No".

Ang Dinagat Island na may lawak na 801.65 kilometro kwadrado ay mayaman sa mineral resources at feymus sa kanilang rock climbing sites at white sand beaches.

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Christmas Weekend

December 27th, 2006 No comments
Unusual Party

Orchard Road was the place to be if you want to experience a remarkable Christmas celebration in Singapore. Yes, they do celebrate Christmas though majority of its people are non-Christian. But it’s just so sad that they are not actually celebrating the event in a meaningful way. Just imagine a birthday party where the celebrant is not even invited! Ah, okay… They are not Christian. I understand. But how we, Christians? Was the celebrant invited when we had the Christmas party? I hope He was… and I hope He did receive a present from all of us. (Oh, you forgot???)

Far and Away

This year was the first time I celebrated Christmas away from home and my family. I went to a friend’s house where some other Filipinos were present. I also had a chance to call home to greet my family. Yesterday (Christmas day), I sleep almost the whole day.

Fair “Fair Price�

Yesterday night, we went to Fair Price at Bukit Merah and went home just after buying some stuff. We unknowingly left one plastic bag containing most of the meat worth $40 at the cashier. I only learned about this after I got home tonight from office. So I thought maybe they still have a record and that I could still try to ask them whether it is possible that I could collect the products. So I went back and learned they did found the bag. They told me to just pick and choose all items that were left behind. And so I did. What amazed me was that the employee in-charge did not even checked what I have and just asked me, “Are they all in?� After I said “yes�, she just said, “Okay, you can go now.�

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Hello world:)

December 26th, 2006 No comments
FROM Emilia Mikaela R. Prilles. All of 7.1 lbs. Newest member of the Prilleses of Pacol.
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A Letter from Mitch!

December 24th, 2006 No comments

Hello Batchmates and friends,

As we all know, the last typhoon hit the Bicol region pretty hard. We’ve seen and heard it on the news. Many have become homeless; with their source of livelihood gone with it. My mother says that in some areas, while people were given shelter, they hardly have anything to sustain them. Government funds are not enough to provide relief to those affected by the typhoon. I ask for your help to open our network and to contribute for those affected by the typhoon in Bicol. I have spoken with the Cristina Tabora of the Philippine Jesuit Foundation here in New York and she advised a couple ways to send donations.

You may send check donations to Ateneo de Naga University earmarked “Typhoon Reming/AdNU” or “Typhoon Reming/Homeless” or send remittances directly to:

ADNU Dollar Account: 8864-0093-02
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Caceres Branch
Branch Code: 886

If tax-deductible receipt in theUnited States might be required, you may send your checks earmarked same as above to:

Philippine Jesuit Foundation
130 Beekman Street, Studio 4-A
New York, NY 110038 USA

For the time being, please share and disseminate any information on  consolidated efforts organized by any  batchmate(s) around the globe for the same purpose. I will continue to coordinate with the Philippine Jesuit Foundation on any further advice on gathering relief goods or donations in kind.

I appeal to your generosity. Whatever you can spare will go a long way for those who need them. If there are others whom you know are willing to share their blessings, please help me spread the word.

My sincerest thank you to all of you. AMDG.

Mitchel Lustre 

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Person of the Year KA!

December 24th, 2006 No comments

Kung blogista ka o webmaster, ka-Friendster, Youtubero, kontribyutor sa Wiki, forumer, chatter atbp… Person of the Year KA!

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‘Chilled’ City

December 23rd, 2006 No comments
Freezing breeze kept all of us in our comforters, pajama pants, socks, gloves, and jackets the entire night. While we intended to wake up very early this morning to maximize our time in visiting the city's tourist spots, the cool climate made it very hard for us to do so. And so we ended up waking up late and almost 'frozen'.

See, weather conditions here could be really nippy -- especially at dawn and even during daytime. I must say though that it's a great way to unwind and cool off (both figuratively and literally) after a whole year of hard work. The clean and green scenery make this travel all the more fun and relaxing. Today we will try to visit all the famous tourist spots of this city. For the meantime, we are just enjoying this unique SM mall that they have here. From its 'terrace', you could actually see the entire city which, I was informed, is about 5,000 ft above sea level. Tonight, we will cap our stay here by relishing a fireworks display that SM City Baguio has prepared for all its clients.

Tomorrow, we shall be traveling back to Manila to spend Christmas eve there. Until then, we shall be immersed in the wondrous sights and sounds of this 'chilled' city.
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Stepping Back — for a time

December 22nd, 2006 No comments
I believe that at some points in my perennially busy life, I just have to step back, ease up, and take care of 'home' and my 'sanity'. For the past months, I have been so swamped by work and other issues - both professional and personal. The last few weeks were killer ones as I have been working not only for my company but also for my community groups. As I left Naga yesterday, an Ayala mission was on its way to be of service to the victims of the supertyphoon. Sad as I was that I could not join my fellow Ayala Young Leaders, I felt that I must go -- for my loved ones and for my own good and sanity. At any rate, I believe I have also done what I could possibly do to help our fellow Bicolanos -- the last one being involved with the Paglaom Alliance that was able to raise more or less 2.5 million for the victims of Reming. Upon my return, I shall once again take lead in the local project of AYLAB-U for those greatly afflicted by the recent calamity. Subsequently, I asked AJ Apuyan to lead the Bicolano AYLC alumni in my absence in the said Ayala mission to Albay.

Meantime, I am now in this beautiful city of Baguio with my loved ones enjoying the quiet moments, the breathtaking views, and the chilly climate. On the 24th, we shall be in Manila to meet up with more family members for a Christmas celebration.

Bicol is where I will spend Christmas however -- the place that I could leave for awhile but I could never replace in my heart, albeit the exhausting responsibilities and the incessant weather disturbances.
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Bikol poet’s First Book Award a spark of hope in the devastated region

December 22nd, 2006 No comments
by Vic Nierva

DILIMAN, Quezon City—“My mother told me how difficult it was when she gave birth to me. I was their first-born. I wasn’t sure if my mother was just trying to make me feel guilty so that I’d learn how to pay debt of gratitude. But I agree with Mama that giving birth to your first-born is certainly difficult.� When Kristian Sendon Cordero shared these words with the audience of the Book Forum at the Pulungang Claro M. Recto of UP-Diliman’s Bulwagang Rizal last December 8, he had not the slightest hint as to how close he was to receiving the 6th Madrigal-Gonzalez Best First Book Award (MGBFBA) for his “Mga Tulang Tulala: Mga Piling Tula sa Filipino, Bikol at Rinconada.�

Cordero, 23, the first regional writer ever to receive the prestigious award, also shared in vivid recollection the situations in his native region after it had been devastated by typhoon Reming. He said it was really hard to think about the First Book Award with all the depressing scenes on the background way back home in his native Iriga City. “I wish that through this I may somehow share hope with my fellow Bikolanos, that even in the midst of adversities we suffer, we have reasons to be happy. This is not for me alone. I share the triumph with them.�

When award-winning writer Rene O. Villanueva, this year’s chair of the board of judges, called his name and proclaimed him the winner, Cordero rose up from his seat with disbelief and proceeded to the stage to receive his award. He had only a short statement to say. “The prize is something we need in Bicol.�

Poems and sufferings’s webmaster Arvin Mangohig called this year’s MGBFBA an event of many firsts. “It was the first time a volume of poetry won. It was the first time a trilingual book won. It was the first time a book published by a small press won. It was the first time the winner was not known beforehand.� It was also the first time when finalists of the MGBFBA were gathered together and shared the biography of their first book in the forum dubbed “Breaking into Print.�

Together with “Mga Tulang Tulala� (Goldprint Publishing House), the shortlist of the finalists for this years MGFBA included fiction books “Iskrapbuk� by Allan N. Derain (UP Press), “Pangangaluluwa at iba pang Kuwento� by Jimmuel C. Naval (UP Press), and poetry books “Order of the Poets� by Jaime Dasca Doble (Akdang Bayan), and “Ibang Daan Pauwi� by Manolito C. Sulit (UST Publishing House). Each of the finalists related different stories as how their first books came about and got into print.

It was Cordero’s moving story that left everyone captivated and in awe, including senior writers like J. Neil C. Garcia, Lilia Quindoza-Santiago, Charlson Ong, and National Artists Virgilio S. Almario and Bienvenido L. Lumbera. He spoke about his poems while in mind were the images of the destructive typhoon battering Bicol.
“In these times when we [in Bicol] are suffering due to the recent calamity, it will just be more disheartening if we will let our enthusiasm to revive our literature wane. It is only literature where genuine and deep reflections of our experiences as Bikolanos are found. In this way, we can only proceed to a new Bicol. There are poems which will remain etched in our hearts; there are poems which are destined to be forgotten. I am looking for poetry that could rouse me from fatigue, stir me from grief, poetry that is redemptive in the sense of offering a kind of deliverance, or rescue of the imagination, and poetry that awakens delight—pleasure in recognition, pleasure in strangeness.�

After “Mga Tulang Tulala� which was published in 2004, Cordero, has published another poetry book, “Santigwar,� also published by the Naga-based Goldprint Publishing House. He won for his poetry Homelife Magazine’s grand prize in 2004, he also earned the magazine’s second prize in 1999 and 2004, respectively. Last September 1, his short story in Filipino, “Langaw,� placed second in the prestigious Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature. Cordero’s “Langaw� is a sad tale of a poor girl whose sufferings tragically ended in the hands of merciless rapists along the railroad tracks.

The award

Cordero received a Php50,000 check which was awarded to him by Likhaan: UP Institute of Creative Writing Director VE Carmelo D. Nadera, Jr. and Likhaan Foundation treasurer Linda Panlilio.

Nadera says that, “the prize obtained from winning the MGBFBA is deemed to encourage beginning writers to persevere in writing and publishing, and it also encourages publishers to take risk with new authors. The cash prize is there to help them in their next book projects.�

“For a young writer from the region, it really confirmed my desire to write. This helped me find my place in the resurgence of Bikol literature. I think things like this will get the attention of my fellow Bikolanos, that even in the face of marginalization, our native literature continues to resurge and be recognized on the national arena. But no reward comes greater than being read by my own people, the people who speak my own language,� Cordero said about the award.

The MGBFBA, established in February 2001 and administered since then by the UP-ICW, is the only award-winning body in the Philippines recognizing first books by new authors published within the last two years. It is granted by the Madrigal and Gonzalez families, through Atty. Gizela Gonzalez Montinola, writer and granddaughter of Bienvenido Gonzalez, former UP President, and daughter of Gonzalo Gonzalez, former member of the UP Board of Regents.

The award covers all genres of creative writing and nominations may come from publishing houses, university presses, creative writing centers, writers’ organizations, and other literary enthusiasts. It is given on alternate years to writers in English and writers in Filipino.

Previous winners of the MGBFBA were “Life After X� a story collection in English by Angelo R. Lacuesta (2001), “Paghuhunos� novel in Filipino by Ellen L. Sicat (2002), “Smaller and Smaller Circles� a novel in English by Felisa H. Batacan (2003), “Makinilyang Altar� a novel in Filipino by Luna Sicat-Cleto (2004), and “The Sky Over Dimas� a novel in English by Vicente Groyon (2005).

Together with Villanueva, Malou L. Jacob, Director of DLSU’s Bienvenido N. Santos Center for Creative Writing, and Luna L. Sicat Cleto, winner of MGBFBA in 2004, consisted the panel of the judges.
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