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TASKFORCE 2010 will be conducting a multisectoral consultation workshop in Bicol to figure out a way of drawing in at least 7 most vulnerable sectors to participate in the 2010 elections: the elderly, overseas workers, detainees, indigenous people, internally displaced persons, and the youth/first time voters.

The event is scheduled 2-3 June 2009 at the Arrupe Convention Center, Ateneo de Naga University. The Commission on Elections, Philippine National Police, Department of Social Welfare and Development, and the Commission on Human Rights are expected to be present in the said workshop.

The ADNU Institute of Politics, Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan, and the Coalition for Bicol Development are organizers of the said workshop.
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Joe Lipa

Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) National Coordinator Joe Lipa during his courtesy visit to Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado. The city is affiliated with this growing national collegiate basketball league.
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Mayor Robredo with Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado poses for a snapshot with the newlyweds.
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Family and friends accompany the newlyweds at a mass wedding held at Brgy. Cararayan last May 23.
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Mass Wedding

Proving its never to old to tie the knot, a couple recites their marital vows to each other.
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Terminator Salvation: Reanimation or Burial?

May 28th, 2009 No comments
Terminator Salvation, needs one of the first two words. Either one will do with this rather disappointing sequel to the terminator franchise. Not to say that this is a bad film for it is not, it is decent, has a good story, action packed and has passable acting. It just lacks that magic.

Maybe, it is the absence of an identifiable villain, Arnie in T1, Carmen Soo in T2 (yup, lame attempt at a joke and slips that I have seen that movie), the cop in T2, and that crazy hot robot in Rise of the Machines. What we get in Salvation is a smorgasbord of robots, giant ones, motorcycling riding gung hos, the T-800 T-600 (I think I am reciting cellphone models). Mind you, the graphics are msterfully done, but there is no chill factor. The fear of getting crushed or annihilated by a robot is lacking. In fact you get the feeling that the robots are tamer than the autobots.

The absence of Arnie hurts a lot. The terminator franchise is a classic due to effective one liners, jam packed action and comedic timing. This movie is lacking in all departments. What we get is an arc of a guy who dies and donates his body to science, he is resurrected, he saves his friends, fights and dies. The end. Just another cliche action movie.

Other than the giant robot taking out one by one the fleeing vehicles, there is much left to be desired in terms of the action sequences. They have a generic fight of Connor, Wright and the T-800s in the end, even putting in an obviously graphically interfaced Schwarzenegger into a limited screen time but we do not get any drama from that. There was no liquid metal changing, or a villain growing out parts. Can they not be more imaginative than a factory scene fight as the climax? I am utterly disappointed.

To end my rant, I left with the feeling quite like when you near the end of a Hardy Boys book. They capture the bad guy, the bad guy spills out the beans in full color, unaware of the consequences. In this movie, a super computer who plants a mole in the person of Marcus Wright to lure John Connor into coming into Skynet so he can be destroyed. Then that super computer suddenly without any logic, tells Marcus Wright of his real purpose? Dumdum right? What else do you expect but that cyborg (who thinks he is human and is all about second chances) rips out his chip and aids Connor? This is really falling apart by the third chapter.

Well to cap it all, Terminator is not all that bad taking into consideration that it has a budget of 200 million, gets a mailed in performance from Batman, and has a director who obviously doesn't know how to pull it all together. We still have gems in the performances from Sam Worthington (the Avatar movie is suddenly looking more promising) and Anton Yelchin (zee favorite guy from Star Trek). And yes, there are robots lots and lots of them. On second thought, I still have Revenge of the Fallen to look forward to.

7.5 out of 10.
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Pull me over Driver

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Move over tricycles, park the Magsaysay-Centro-Diversion loop jeepney to the side, bang the buses for there is a new ride in the city of Naga. Yup, yellow cab opened recently followed suit by the real yellow cabs, taxis!

Yup you heard it right, those metered things denoting social status or us probinsyanos, is now invading the city with the arrival of 30 Toyota Avanzas in gray colors. This reminds , me I have to tell a friend who is getting an Avanza in July that he needs to avoid gray. Maybe he will get it in striped blue, or fushi, fusci, fuchang ina, red na lang! Now the prospect of riding my friend's car and park in front of Avenue as we go wuth our usual after work spree, is suddenly turning discouraging.

As read from a friend's blog, (they say give credit where it is due),
"The starting flagdown rate is Php 30.00 then Php 2.50 na ang succeeding per kilometer rate. You can text or call the Taxi Service with the number 09273228647 to pick you up."

So courtesy of genova taxis, we can now organize road trips to Legazpi or Lagonoy in great fashion. I never knew this day would come but it is definitely an alternative mode of transpo at this apt time for consumerism when Naguenos are being drowned with SM mall times, yellow cab pizzas and unnecessary luxuries of flag down rates.
Hail, that cab for me, will yah?
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Happy Birthday

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Fluvial Procession

The pagoda of Ina exudes magnificence as it gracefully glides through the Naga River on its way home to the Basilica Minore
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Devotees jostle to get near the image of Ina despite the unrelenting heat of the afternoon sun.
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Church and State

Proving that Church and state can coexist and rely on each other, the mayor joins members of the clergy during the religious event.
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Mayor Jesse Robredo braves the the scorching summer sun with countless other devotees.
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Viva la Virgen!

The Patroness of Bicol arrives at the Metropolitan Cathedral amidst cheers and jubilation from the faithful.
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A devotee looks on as Ina passes by on Her way to the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral.
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The "andas" of Ina is brought out of the Basilica Minore, accompanied by faithful devotees.
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