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So Far So Good

June 30th, 2009 No comments
That sums up my first two weeks in law school. So far, almost everything has been doing well and good. So far, there's little reason to think that the struggles formidably presenting themselves are...

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The Pillars Opinion rant

June 30th, 2009 No comments
Now I know that the word nostalgia is a pocket ready term for aging persons. Last night while I was skimming through the latest copy of the Pillars Opinion, a flood of memories was drowning me, in a good way. (Click here if you want to see online copies of archives)

The usual topics of TFI (tuition fee increase, as always), fraternities (staple article), Sexual Deviation - Chuvaness (no better topic?), Balikatan, SM Effects on Naga's businesses, BS DoTA and Urulay Ulay Atenista brought back images of Bonks wrestling Diablo on the antique PC, Ninoy puffing on his endless supply of malboros holding in his other hand magic cards, Fiel and OJ Bulao playing physical Tabuc style indoor basketball, and heartthrob King intent on finishing his latest crossword challenge. In the background is the voice of Elvie, our managing editor, cussing about the piss filled coke Litro, the trapped cigarette butts in between hardwood floors, the extended deadlines, and the occasional condom neatly wrapped in the doorknob.

As these images came like a flash, I immediately blurted out, "Is this all they could write about now? We certainly were better than this pretentious high falooting journalists wannabee." Insecurities abound, I gave every article a paragraph to catch my attention, only to turn to the last one, Urulay Ulay Atenista, only not to finish it for lack of interest. I wanted my ten minutes back.

Can I no longer relate to college level writing style, or are these new crop of Pillars writers taking themselves too seriously?

To be fair, we can never be impartial judges of ouselves, bias will always creep in when we try to compare our work to a similar rendition. Our parents manifest these all the time, "Kan kapanuhanan mi, lakaw lang kami. Ang balon mi diyes sentimos lang." Of course they could always walk, there were fewer vehicles. The streets were safer. The sun was tolerable then. Even the air was clearer back then. Try walking nowadays, and a 8 to 10 chance exists you'll get fumed with black smoke, a 1 to 10 chance your cellphone might get snatched. And a probability, you'll go home with heat stroke.

On the other hand, I cannot fathom how these young thespians would resort to analyzing the psychological effects of computer games to the young minds, or the effect of SM Naga to business and cultural statuses of the city, or heck, how the Balikatan exercises even matter. Why don't they stay within the ballpark for once? Talk about what youngsters keep up all night most of the time, young love, a bit of booze, cheap snack hangouts, heck talk about why thee are dental and clinic fees when you never use them.

Sounds like a rant right? I admit I am just frustrated to find that something that was once yours could turn into an old lady in a decade. It's like you have to relocate and leave a girlfriend behind. The distance doesn't work so you eventually break up. After ten years you chance upon her profile in facebook, click on a couple of albums only to find a wrinkled stressed shell of her herself in a family photo of her fifth daughter's birthday.

I am just saddened to realize either one of the two things, that I am too old to understand youth jargon, or that a typical parochial institution can suck the fun out of the typical campus journalism shenanigans - the hidden banters, the clues in inside jokes, the low blow articles, and the shocking exposes. For the life of me I want to believe it's the former, but this rather incompetent judge of talent insists the latter.
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2010 Jitters

June 29th, 2009 No comments
As the election day draws nearer, those who are actively monitoring the preparations cannot help but feel some degree of apprehension. Are we going to be successfull in our poll automation efforts? Will election-related violence be avoided? Most importantly, will the entire process reflect the collective will of the majority

I have often heard people complaining about the blatantly outrageous overspending by some politicians on their propaganda machinery. Indeed, it has reached a scandalous level, even if these potential candidate are allegedly using their own private funds.

If money will continue to be the main factor , instead of competence and development programs/visions, in the electoral exercise perhaps we should introduce a radical change in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Let us remove the provisions on elections. Instead, let us set up all elective positions for auctions/biddings! Those who can offer the highest price, or perhaps give every voter the highest amount, will get the position! That way, we avoid the messy electoral exercise and drop all pretensions of democratic ideals. Let us talk business and do business.

But of course, very few will agree to charter change before 2010 (a fact which majority of the congressmen/women prefers to ignore). Thus my proposal may have to wait after this 2010 elections. so we are back to where we started:

What will the 2010 elections do to us? Will it restore the peoples’ faith in our democratic institutions? Will it empower the marginalized? Or will it bring to the surface and simply legitimize a new ruling elite?
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NBA Draft Day Deals: Shaq to Cleveland

June 29th, 2009 No comments
The Big Diesel, Cactus, Aristotle, whatever is teaming up with another MVP in Lebron to try to capture his last title. He's still a force judging by his number and this screams like a panic move from Cleveland considering that their weak spots are obviously an agile forward who can guard tweener power forwards (think Lewis, Dirk, Josh Smith) or a bigger small forward to go into small ball when Lebron slides to the PF position (think Posey, Pietrus, Stephen Jackson).

I am not too excited by this move considering Shaq's age, his ability to pick and roll, and the stack of big men which are duplicated with his entry. They still have Big Z (whom they should try to move), Varejao (who can be effective if he can shoot the 15 foot J consistently) and Joe Smith (whom I think should start but wouldn't due to seniority's sakes.

They still have the midlevel and they free up some salary due to the expiration of Wally World's contract so they should get someone. if this does not wok out, they will still be free of the one-year rental of Shaq and of course Lebron who would bolt if they don't capture the title this year.

Addition Suggestions: Matt Barnes - Phoenix, Grant Hill - Phoenix, Antonio Mcdyess - Pistons, Charlie Villa - Bucks and Jason Kidd- Mavs.
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NBA Draft Day Deals: Carter to Orlando

June 29th, 2009 No comments
This is a bold move by the Magic that should generate some applause. They bring in Vince Carter, his chicken wing dunk, his half-man half-a-season reputation and 40 million plus in salary for Courtney Lee, Battie and Alston. Instead of staying put and hoping to sign Turkoglu, they acquire the versatile swingman who is perfect for the second or third option behind man beast Dwight Howard.

This deal should give Van Gundy more option and creativity with his offensve sets, now owning two good to great defenders in the wing position in Pietrus, a revelation during the 08-09 playoffs and Carter.

This must have the boys in Cleveland and Boston cramming for a deal to counter this one as the Orlando perimeter game just gets better. The question now is to re-sign Turk who can command 10 mil plus a year in salary which will definitely put them over the cap.

I dare the Magic to let Turk walk and go after Gortat, who showed a lot of promise playing D12's backup. And with the remaining money, spend on a backup PG, or a versatile PG-SG type. Suggestion additions: Ronnie Brewer of Utah, Brandon Bass of Dallas, Jarret Jack of Indiana, and Anthony Parker of Toronto.
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Transformers: Just like watchin’ porn

June 29th, 2009 No comments
It's like watching porn, you know what to expect. A lot of slam bang, a lot of action, little to no drama. If there is even a hint of plot, it would last two minutes. It is just a pure thrill ride. Brainless action and skin flick.

This is what you will get from Revenge of the Fallen. A lot of action, I mean stacked, over the top explosions, and extended screen time for those masterfully digitized robots. Megan Fox in her eye candy role, and of course Michael Bay out of this world action scenes, think Bad Boys 2 highway scene.

Of course these types of movies should not be critically reviewed and be taken for what it is. It is a mindless action flick. Even if its constructed that way, still it should have a semblance of a coherence or hint of a plot.

Even the attempt at humor is a bit desperate. I think it is aimed at ten year olds, the humping dogs, or the humping robot on Megan Fox (understandable), the hysterical mother who wasn't remotely like that in part 1, or that new Mexican guy who is always terrifyingly screaming like a girl or hugging the next guy to him out of sheer fright are terribly forced and can only illicit Andrew E. levels shrieks.

Overall I would not complain of the robots, the animators did a masterful job. It was only on the execution portion that I am pissed. You setup a new villain, the Fallen, for extended time, only to be ripped by Optimus Prime in under twenty seconds in the final battle. What was that? The only good battle was when Prime died during the battle royal with Megaton and Starscream. In the other sequences, you cannot distinguish who is fighting who, if it's an Autobot or Decepticon or if the US military is even bombing the right guys.

This was a two hour and a half hour action chase filled ride which was slowly tuning into an extended clip of a movie in Gods of War or Final Fantasy. It could have worked if this was concise. If they are going to do a new movie, which will probably 100% occur, I hope they put it in the right hands, let Guillermo del Toro do it, or even Bryan Singer (even if he ruined Superman Returns), or Kevin Smith, he knows comedic dialogues, and we can possibly see some more of Megan Fox's parts. I am just fed up of the over the top, mindless action sequences of Michael Bay. He should be the fallen after this one.
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Topic: Antonyms

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Preventing fire

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Maogmang Cartoons Opening Billboard (OBB)

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Shaq and the King

June 26th, 2009 No comments
Wow!  Cavs now has 2 big men to back-up LBJ.  Trading Wallace and Pavlovic to Phoenix for a high profile, aging veteran (at 37) who may not able to handle the run and gun offense of the Cavs.   Yes, this was very evident from his Suns stint.  Who’ll start?  Shaq of course and Big [...]
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Candles of Solidarity

Mayor Jesse M. Robredo, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, Congresswoman Riza Hontiveros-Baraquiel, and Party List Rep. Teddy Casino shown lighting candles in front of Nagueños who attended the Rock the Vote! movement recently held here.
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San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Local officials and department heads from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan (shown here) with Jesse M. Robredo belong to a number of LGUs who visited the city to learn first hand of its good governance practice.
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Study Tour

Mayor Jesse M. Robredo welcoming a group of Cambodian nationals for a study visit here.
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Oragon! 2009-06-25 11:40:00

June 25th, 2009 No comments
Dear Friends:

Sharing with you the Ateneo de Naga University Statement against Constituent Assembly finalized and adopted in yesterday's Council of Administrators meeting. The statement was signed by majority of the university students, faculty, and personnel.

Salamat po.

In solidarity,

Executive Director
Institute of Politics (I.P.)
2F Administration Building
Ateneo de Naga University
4400 Naga City Philippines
Tel. (63-54) 4722368 local 2013
Fax (63-54) 4739253



In the darkness of night of June 2, 2009 the House of Representatives worked overtime. The majority passed Resolution 1109 against the valiant efforts of the minority to prevent its passage. Against the will of the majority of Filipinos, they resolved to convene a constituent assembly. They demonstrated why the majority of the Filipinos distrust Congress, and why, if the Constitution must be changed, they prefer a Constitutional Convention after 2010. In their resolution 1109, they betrayed the teeming masses they represent for the scheming machinations of Malacañang. We call on these congressmen and -women to return to representing their constituents and their consciences.


The House of Representatives, by resolving to convene itself into Constituent Assembly and to initiate charter change at this point, opens a Pandora’s box! Once convened, the Constituent Assembly may take up any agenda and make decisions, even without the consent of the people! Through the hurried passage of HR 1109, they initiated the move to amend the Constitution in a manner that lacks respect for and recognition of the duly established legal process. They junked the Senate. They betrayed the Constitution they vowed to protect and preserve. They manifested an utter disregard for genuine representation. They ceased to be our delegates, our trustees, and our representatives. Through such unprincipled action they have arrogated to themselves the authority that they are Constitutionally mandated to share with the Senate. They are not interested in reason, discussion, deliberation. They are interested in constitutional change through a sleight of hand, an intellectual chimera, a flawed argument, to strengthen the hold on power of the person in Malacanang, and to prevent any deliberation in the light.


Our country is imperiled by an economic situation that fails to respond to the driving poverty of our people, unmitigated corruption, declining trust and confidence in political leaders and institutions! A charter change process before the 2010 elections, that keeps charter change hostage to the interests of Malacañang, is dangerously divisive; it will fuel further adventurism among armed groups from the left and the right, and will awaken angry political action among large groups that have been content so far to be quiet. That quiet may be replaced by a willingness to fight and die in conscience for the good of the nation.


In the spirit of strengthening our democratic institutions and retaining the fragile national unity that we are trying so hard to sustain, we strongly call on them to desist from pursuing Charter Change through a Constituent Assembly!

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Box Office

June 25th, 2009 No comments
Being one of the many who turned-out for the block screening of Transformers 2 at SM Naga for the longest time I get to experience [again] people queuing for a movie.  Isn’t it a good news?  Movie junkies are back!  I just hope it’s not your splash in the pan scenario because if this is [...]
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