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Yuga’s Treat

July 29th, 2011 No comments

Just posted an entry @ YUGATECH hoping to pocket one Cherry Mobile Cosmo Android phone he’s trying to give away.  The unit is priced at P 6,899.00.  An online treat especially if you can’t afford one in just few keystrokes.  A single winner will be picked come Aug 7, 2011.

12 Aug | Update:  Dang!!  A deserving winner was randomly selected today from the 11 best entries of more than 600 posters … and I wasn’t even on it [:)]

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July 26th, 2011 No comments
Putting the prefix re- into anything can mean a lot of things but tend to signify repetition, a redo of sorts, or going back to square one. Not to say much, but it sounds off failure, not being able to do it the first time thus the need for a re-up.

Putting up a blog is much like serving out your mind in a breakfast platter for the whole world to gobble up. You put your thoughts on display and the world sees you. You bring out good ideas and you mount expectations from others and more so from yourself. You make crappy pronouncements and misconceptions are born. This is what, I think, a journal or a more contemporary diary makes better suited for private thoughts put on ink.

There was a time when I had to re-think of what I put in here for fear of what friends might think, or what the occasional officemate might gossip about, or worse, what thoughts about the past can put dents on the present and the future. It just wasn't worth all the risk.

But, the gloves are off and this time, I want to write for myself. I want to express me. Words can hurt and that is the beauty of it - the hurt goes but the words stay. I want to ramble on and on but the prefix Re- just sums it all up for this new blogging me. It is an admittance that it was all for show.

Who knows this re-me is a show too? Anyhows, only me will find out.
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Venue update

July 25th, 2011 No comments
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Three Thousand Days and Nights of You

July 25th, 2011 No comments
This is a world where the scent of spring flowers in her midst, flowing freely from her fingertips and fusing itself with the air that nourishes my lungs. Here is where I breathe her, satiating my...

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Konyi & Rachel

July 25th, 2011 No comments


Konyi Young

Rachel Kong


In the heart of the Hills of Life, I know
Two springs that with unbroken flow
Forever pour their lucent streams
Into my soul’s far Lake of Dreams.

O Love, O Wife, thine eyes are they,

– My springs from out whose shining gray
Issue the sweet celestial streams
That feed my life’s bright Lake of Dreams.

N i g h t  w i n d s ,
teach us to be
quieter, quieter.

In winds, in silence,
spirits touch

t h e s e  w o r d s , t h e s e  s t a r s .

W e  h a v e  a  s p l e n d i d  g a r d e n ,

there are lots of flowers everywhere;
roses, and pinks, and four o’clocks
and hollyhocks, and evening stocks.

The pine trees toss him their cones with glee,
The flowers bend low in courtesy,

I  w a l k  d o w n  t h e  g a r d e n  p a t h s ,

And all the daffodils
are blowing, and the bright blue squills.


I walk down the patterned garden-paths
in my brocaded gown
with my powdered hair and jewelled fan,

D o n ’ t  o p e n  y o u r s e l f  t o  m e ,

until I open myself to you,
not by history
or memory,
events and things,

B u t  h o l d i n g  y o u r  m i n d
in mine, mine in yours.

I shall fill my lap with roses
Gathered in the milky way,
Oh! what will she say!

He calls up the fog and hides the hills,
He whirls the wings of the great windmills,

Laughing, dancing, sunny wind,
Whistling, howling, rainy wind.

I will mix me a drink of stars –

Large stars with polychrome needles,
Small stars jetting maroon and crimson,

Cool, quiet, green stars.
I will tear them out of the sky,
And squeeze them over old silver cups,

Earth moves.
Water moves.

Stars are our
wind and fire.

I  w o u l d  s i t  i n  a  c o v e r e d  b o a t ,

Rocking slowly to the narrow waves of a river,
While above us, an arc of moving lanterns,
Curved a bridge,

Rockets exploded,
And died in a soft dripping of colored stars.
We would float between the high trestles,

And drift away from other boats,

Until the rockets flared soundless,
A n d  t h e i r  f a l l i n g  s t a r s  h u n g  s i l e n t  i n  t h e  s k y ,

N e a r  w h e r e  I  l i v e  t h e r e  i s  a  l a k e

As blue as blue can be, winds make
It dance as they go blowing by.

I think it curtseys to the sky.

Mirror of mind. Glass without dust.
Clear your heart.
Bathe your eyes.

When I looked into your eyes,
I saw a garden

with peonies, and tinkling pagodas,
And round-arched bridges
Over still seas.

We took turns
Watching seagulls there

Walking on
A tilted shore

Of ancient waves
And modern ships

Sparkling in a
merchant’s breeze-

Holding hands
and getting wet

Y o u  a n d  I  w a s h i n g
In a crystal sunset.


Silence flows sweetly from your eyes.
The flower of faith opens in the dawn light.
Night of this joy, of these feelings.
Two clear souls afloat on the endless sea


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Nueva Camarines: Anong bago digdi sa Camarines Sur?

July 24th, 2011 No comments
Mantang an generalmenteng dalagan nin paggogobierno iyo an integracion, sa Camarines Sur, may debate nin disentegracion.

May mga poderosong fuerza na mawot bangaon an Camarines Sur. Baco man talagang babangaon, cundi tatapiasan lang. Ano baga an rason ta tano? Ano an bago digdi? O sa pangaran sana?

An dangog ko guican sa mga entrevista asin bareta hali sa mga proponente iyo na caipuhan nin maninigong atencion an mga banwaan na nahuhuri sa pag-uswag. Susog sainda, an pagsuway can partido asin rincondada sa cadaculaan can Camarines Sur iyo an dalan sa pag-asenso can mga nawawalat sa estatistica nin economicong suculan. Ini an nagluluwas na major na rason.

Puede man na rason iyo an pagcacaigua nin unicong identity an lugar asin mga tawo. Facil maaco an rason na ini cun iguang discriminascion sa Camarines Sur contra sa mga taga-partido asin rinconada asin nadodominar can majoriria an minoria sa mga significanteng aspeto arog can economia, politica, asin cultura. Ta an pagsuway iyo an dalan sa equalidad. Alagad an proponidong  Nueva Camarines pagsasaruon an duang identity can partido asin rinconada. Mayo man guiraray nin unicong identity na magbubuniog sa mga tawo sa bagong provincial. Baca ngani magin cillab pa nin iriwal can dua an pagpadalagan asin pagrepresentantar sa gobierno.

Saro sa mga puedeng hapot, nacaca-identificar caya an mga taga-partido asin rinconada sa pangaran na Nueva Camarines? An simbag manghahali sana sa mga tawo na directing afectado. Importante an hapot na ini ta cun mayong identificacion an mga tawo sa pangaran, an pagmucna nin Nueva Camarines sarong hegemoniang proceso o poderosong manifestacion can bacong democraticong paagi. Aram ta an propiong poder guican sa mga tawo.

An mga minacontra sa proponidong bagong provincia sinasautan an mga proponente nin ganid sa poder, macasadiri. O baca kita an macasadiri sa situacion na ini. An romanticong Camarines Sur nagin parte can satong camangnuan asin identity. Arin man na pagbabago sa nagin harani sato, familiar, asin parte ta, naturalmente may pagcontra na masasagap.

Bilang Camarinense, mawot cong vueltahan an mga rasones. Cun mamucna nin Nueva Camarines, ano an magigin bago sa Camarines Sur? Sa sato? 
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Le Faim

July 22nd, 2011 No comments

I spent the better half of the hour looking for this supposedly awesome restaurant. Word has it there is this little french miracle erm bistro tucked in the city. So half past one I trawled for it,
and thanks to Android and google map - found it. Yey! (P.S. I say Apple is overpriced and too ubiquitous) Being it's almost 2pm, I was kinda hungry and I asked for a table. I was taken back when they said there was a
10 - 15 minute wait. I was thinking at the back of my head that half of the tables are empty but I just assumed it's because they don't have that much staff in a weekday.
So I agreed to wait.
When I was sitted I was handed French bread and a packet of butter.
The set menu was great. They asked what I wanted to drink and I said I'll try the house wine - syempre para complete ang french experience. The problem was I discovered I didn't really like wine so the ever trusty Coke followed. I started with leek soup (the soup du jour), which tasted like it was home made not like it just came from a can and the pork chop was great as well - although a bit heavy. It was cured and tasted kinda like smoked bacon na may kasama pang side dish ng veggies na nakalagay sa smallest skillet in the city. ahehe. The fifteen minute wait was worth it. The food was good and not that expensive - kinda like Clementine in Magsaysay - and when you are seated they really have amazing service.
They're there when you need them but not hovering maybe that's my new phase; foodie although I can't really make out being a food critic - I like most food, eh.., ahehe
There is one thing missing in this blog - the name of the bistro the thing is at this time I'd rather keep it's one small gem, I'd like to keep secret a little while longer...painggit lang!

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The haircut

July 20th, 2011 No comments

There are some things that you gotta try before you well hit the dirt. One of the things I wanted to see is if paying more means you'll always get more. Since I still couldn't afford a Porsche (siguro pag President na rin ako), I opted for umm... some other affordable luxury. So for my next haircut, I trooped to Toni & Guy to see if they are any different than Aristocrat. bwahaha.
The salon was all right..clean, free drinks (coffee or tea lang), new magazines (yehey) and friendly staff. The stylist (susyal na term sa dating susyal na term na hairdresser) was conversant and seemed to know what she was doing. I showed her a photo of the hairstyle I wanted and she said the length of my hair is fine as it is and she would just take some weight off of it. Ako naman, tango lang ng tango. bwahaha.
After about half an hour, we were done and dammit it looked awesome. Granted she only took a centimeter off my hair so it wasn't cut short but it still worked. Kung may 2K lang sana ako para sa haircut every two weeks, ahehe... magigi na akong suki. Kung may libre di sanang di solve na.
So note to self, don't scrimp unnecessarily...and baguhin na ang profile picture.
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The Prayer

July 11th, 2011 No comments
He wields in his hands the curse of famine. Flesh and spirit dangle on the edge of a precipice where, miles beneath, despair breeds a feral species of hunger and thirst. Bodies more emaciated than...

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