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Our Beliefs and Our Problems

April 25th, 2012 No comments
A certain columnist in a Philippine daily wrote about beliefs and religion, specifically Roman Catholicism in the Philippines. (Not all beliefs though are simplistically religious) He enumerated many negative conditions (even with rankings and percentages) and attempted to connect those with the dominant religion of the country. He depicted the inconsistencies and contradictions that religion is […]
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A Story on Contraception

April 20th, 2012 No comments
There was this Irish lady, simple as you can be. She frequented a Cathedral in the city as she said her whole family grew up in the Catholic faith.
The Roman Catholic church has suffered as its beliefs ranging from abortion, contraception, sexuality, marriage to actions of its priest embroiled in molestation charges clashed with modern values.
Someone asked her if she thought of herself as a good catholic. She recounted that when her Mum was in Ireland raising their family - they had a difficult time. They were poor but they worked hard. After her mum had her fourth kid she begged the priest to allow her to use contraception. The priest said no. She had another five.
I imagine raising a kid is exhausting imagine raising nine. It get worst when one of your kid gets sick; as what had happened to one of her brother, Dave. She told us he developed cancer...and even in their rich country they struggled. One night which begun just like any other, her mum took Dave and apologized for being a bad mother for not being able to take care of him. How can she? Heartbreaking. No mum should ever have to do that - no one should be put to that position.
Officially it's still a no-no. But I pray, that one day..

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¡Ya basta!

April 20th, 2012 No comments
Explodes in 24 hours.

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PASION Bicol: Sarong Pagsali?noy sa Culturang Bicolnon

April 7th, 2012 No comments
?nunian na Semana Santa, visitahon ta an guibo-guibo can satong ma?na camagura?nan - an Pasion. Masuerte aco na nacacua nin libreto nin Pasion hale sa magurang co. Ini ?nunian an nagpapaguiromdom saco can sacong guinicanan - Catolicong Bicol.

Caya isusurat co digdi an nagcacapirang li?a can Pasion particularmente idtong pagdatong ni Maria sa Calvario sa ma?na huring momento ni Jesús

Labing saquit labing dosa
sa naglalamag na Iná,
inibanhan duman sia
nin ma?na babayeng iba
naghalé sa Galilea.

Can pagdatong sa Calvario
nin Inang mamondong gayo
na Aqui niang si Cristo
napapacó nang totoo
duman sa Sacro-madero.

Dinoloc pinaranihan
sa to?nod di na sumuhay
an Pusó baga matunao
siring man si San Juan
macoiná niang tunay.

Haros maotsan guinhaua
an Virgen Santa Maria
an pagta?nis sabihon pa,
cun mati?nag na maquita
an Aqui niang na sa dosa.

Day man macapagtaram
an dila baga guinacdan,
dahelan sa casaquitan;
sa laog man can daghan
ini iyo an inolay.

Aqui cong pada?nat ?naya,
buhay caming calag co pa
¿ ano ta pinasiring ca,
?nunian matios dao baga
can na sa saquit mong Iná?

¿ Ano bagang di totoo,
Jesús an simong guinibo
na pinasiring cang gayo
nin malolóbong Judio?
¡ di co matios, Aqui co!

¿ Saco pa dao icabuhay
Jesús an saquit mong iyan
¿ arin dao na puso, daghan
nin Iná na di matunao
sa pagdosang siring caiyan?

Aco pa, dao ini baga
?nunian di mabalahoba;
Jesús ica sana daing iba,
totoo sacuyang ra?na
labat cong minamahal ca.

Ica naman ?nani lamang
an calag co, asin buhay,
Dios na daing cabarang,
sucat omauon, gala?nan
nin bilog na cala?nitan.

Lilingoya can simong matá
nágatom na simong Iná,
¡ ay ?nunian tiniti?nag ca!
pagcamoot cong maogma
sa pusó di maliuat na.

Acoón mo, Cagurangnan
ining pagta?nis co ?nunian;
daán mo nang maaraman,
an paghero, pag-ataman
can Iná mong panong ugay.
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Goat in the Shell

April 5th, 2012 No comments
[Last part of the "Sketches of Kitsch" series] LOOKING BACK, life in prison was never that bad. I have managed to hold on to my soap tight and refuse to bend over just to pick it up every time it...

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AMS…not the Press

April 4th, 2012 No comments
There was this talk in the TED Conference about happiness. The speaker said most people place happiness as an end goal  and the problem with that, the speaker suggest, is that it is a moving goal post. I agree. As an experiment he proposed thinking and putting down three things you are grateful for.
As I'm a blind faithful, I'm going to give it a shot. 
First is travelling. I've always felt blessed that I am able to travel. A lot of people due to financial or personal constraints would like to as well  but can never get around to do it. Going to the Netherlands was the latest one ticked off on my bucket list. 

 It's refreshing to see how an ultra-liberal country compares to the Philippines. My friend who I travelled with had a hankering for umm... let's say a sandwich (which is illegal/frowned-upon in most countries but supposedly prevalent in the Sagada ranges). What was fun was it was our first time in the Netherlands so we did what any good natured tourist do - ask the police! They, of course, as any police even the Filipino ones, directed us to the nearest umm.. sandwich shop.

Even in Protestant or increasingly secular Europe. There's a church. They have a saying, God created the world but the Dutch created the Netherlands.

It was a freezing day. Some of the canals were starting to thaw but we were still able to walk (didn't bring skates) around some of the frozen canals.

...which led me to my surprise discovery of Chocomel! Screw Starbucks chocolate, this is ace. I had it with some sweet bread (which I cannot fully pronounce).  Chocomel's apparently everywhere in Amsterdam so kinda like their Milo then.
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Life in the City of Gods

April 4th, 2012 No comments
[Part 4 of the "Sketches of Kitsch" series] THERE IS NOT MUCH to see on this side of the country except the face of poverty — grim, like the wrinkled folds around the eyes of the senile resigned to...

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