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Simply Jesse

March 25th, 2013 No comments

simply jesse

Saw copies on book stand yesterday (priced at P125.00)  … bought one for my son at Book Sale. A children book for a 14-year old … he may not be a Jesse Robredo in the future (because of his autism) but we’ll do our best to instill on how to be like one.  It’s a 24-page book beautifully illustrated by Nicole Anne Lim.

Book signing on April 13, 2013 4PM at National Book Store SM Naga.  Available now at Book Sale or buy during the book signing at the National Book Store :-]

Read/follow this posts [ Wallflower ] [ Daphne  ]  as inspiration or you can read online the Naga SMILES commemorative issue yours truly designed here.

And if you’re a from the 3rd District of CamSur, let us vote for ATTY LENI ROBREDO come May 13.
Let’s put an end to the dynasty… now is the time!  Be an intelligent voter.

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The Lion Sleeps in Political Comatose

March 24th, 2013 No comments
To believe that activism solely means burning chairs is to believe that it is nothing but a misguided rage. It is not. Assuming for the sake of argument that the PUP activists have caused...

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JMR Museum basbasan ni P-Noy

March 21st, 2013 No comments
Bicol Mail Si Presidente Benigno Aquino III maabot  alas 10:45 ngonian na aga sa Ciudad nin Naga nganing iyo an mangenotan sa groundbreaking ceremony kan Jesse M. Robredo Museum na mamumugtak harani sa Civic Center, alagad nakatalaan munang maghapit sa puntod ni dipuntong DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo sa Eternal Garden, Barangay Balatas. Kasabay kan pag-abot [...]
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Website kan LTO Bicol piglansar na

March 21st, 2013 No comments
Bicol Mail Igwa nang Website an oficina rehiyonal kan Land Transportation Office sa Bicol matapos formal nang ilansar kasuodma sa Avenue Hotel, Ciudad nin Naga na pinangenotan ni Assistant Secretary Virginia Torres asin Regional Director Noreen San Luis-Lute. Sinabi ni Director Lute an Website “www.LTO’’  bilang kasimbagan sa pangapodan  para sa transparency and accountability [...]
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“MMK” presents Jesse Robredo story

March 21st, 2013 No comments
Bicol Mail ABS-CBN’s longest-running drama anthology will present the inspiring and empowering lifestory of the late Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Jesse Robredo this Saturday (March 23). Award-winning actor Jericho Rosales will play as Sec. Robredo, while Kapamilya actress Kaye Abad will act as Robredo’s wife Leni. How was Sec. Robredo’s simple [...]
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Mediamen undergo Lenten Recollection: “Unexamined life, not worth living”

March 21st, 2013 No comments
Bicol Mail “If you want to know what it means to be a person, look at Jesus. The more you look at Him, the more you embrace Him and assume His character, the more you become pleasing to God and to others,” taught Most Rev. Rolando Octavus Tria Tirona, O.C.D., D.D. at the annual Lenten [...]
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Kumusta po, Bishop? launched

March 21st, 2013 No comments
Bicol Mail After three months at the Archdiocese of Caceres, Archbishop Rolando Tria Tirona launches yet another program; this time, in partnership with the Caceres Commission on Communications (CCCom) and the Caceres Renewal Communities (CRC). Debuting its first episode last March 3, 2013, Kumusta po, Bishop? is a teleradio program every Sunday at seven-thirty in the morning, shown [...]
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Alecx / 18 _

March 18th, 2013 No comments


I  f o u n d   a  p l a c e  w h e r e  t h e  s h e e p  c o u n t  h u m a n s _ALECX-3

Hair + MakeUp > J a m e s  N u a l l a  +  M a c y  A g u i l a r | Production Design + Styling > R a b b i t h o l e  C r e a t i v e s | Illustrations > T o k w a  S a l a z a r  P e ñ a f l o r i d a _ALECX-9

F u l l  o f  w a v e s  a n d  f i e l d s ,
This universe we glide on in misshapen vessels.
From another galaxy
Would you please take me

Y o u  h a v e   a  p r e c i o u s  l i t t l e  m i n d
Y o u  p a i n t  a  p e r f e c t  l i t t l e  r a i n b o w

You will make this right
You have the will of a volcano.

W h e n  y o u  c a m e  u p  f r o m  t h e  g r o u n d
F r o m  a  m i l l i o n  l i t t l e  p i e c e s

You were sewn together
with a tapestry of molecules
A billion baby galaxies
and wide open spaces

A  s c e n e  b e g i n s
W i t h  o u r  n e x t  m e l o d y
s u n g  b y  a  b a s h f u l  b i r d

Humming a violet sky
There are no words
But there is understanding

I got my pockets full of crackers
That ought to be enough to get me there
I’m takin a rocketship to the sun tonight

Can you see me passing over?
I’m in a silver ship
Made of popsicle sticks

S o m e t i m e s   I  d r e a m   a b o u t  s u m m e r   e i g h t   y e a r s  a g o .
C a n  I  g o  b a c k  a g a i n ?

Sometimes I wonder if I could go back to being eight years old.
Sometimes the stars seem to be conscious of my memories.
Can I go back again?

I ‘ m  c l i m b i n g  t o  t h e  s u n  o n  a  c o b w e b  m a d e  o f   t i n k e r ‘ t o y sALECX-8b

L e t ‘ s  b e  e t e r n a l  f o r  j u s t  a  l i t t l e  l o n g e r
Maybe for the moment
Suck in the pollen and breathe with the raccoons.

I give thanks to my youthful days
Of grass-stained knees and trick-or-treat face
I pray I’ll find as innocent a place
W h e n  I  a m  8 8

And I give thanks to my present day
It just got here so please don’t go away
I finally see it’s what I choose to make.

T u r n  o u t  t h e  l i g h t s
k i s s  t h e  p i l l o w  g o o d n i g h t
k i l l  t h e  s u n  b u t  l e a v e  t h e  s t a r s  o n

. A L E X  F R A N C E S  G A R C I A _ 18 | M a n i l a P h i l i p p i n e s _

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On the Death of Kristel Tejada

March 16th, 2013 No comments
People say that if you’re a student, all you need to do is to study well. Let the fight for your rights be the job of those who wield the authority to institute the changes that must be made, they...

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DPWH to construct expressway in Naga

March 14th, 2013 No comments
By Jason B. Neola Bicol Mail NAGA CITY — Under the national government’s priority infrastructure program for 2013, the main road passing through barangays Concepcion Pequeña, Concepcion Grande, and Del Rosario, here, will be expanded into a four-lane highway similar to those found in Metro Manila. The plan will be undertaken by the Department of [...]
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Metro Naga forms tourism consortium

March 14th, 2013 No comments
By Alec A. Santos Bicol Mail NAGA CITY — Anticipating the increase in tourism arrivals with the soon-to-be launched Naga Excursions (Naga X) brand and products, the Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC), chaired by Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat, held the formal “signing-in” of more than 50 private tourism establishments at a hotel here [...]
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New tertiary hospital to open in Naga City

March 14th, 2013 No comments
By Gil P. Antonio Bicol Mail CBD II, Triangulo, Naga City — The Naga Imaging Center Cooperative (NICC) has announced that it will have the grand inauguration and blessing of its newly built,  three-storey,  tertiary general hospital along Roxas  Avenue (Diversion Road), Naga City on March 15, 2013. The celebration will start with a motorcade [...]
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More policewomen pack Naga City police force

March 14th, 2013 No comments
By Juan Escandor Jr. Bicol Mail Women in this city had something to celebrate the International Women’s Day with yesterday as they saw a significant increase of policewomen, from a mere two policewomen in the 1990s to 93 policewomen at present. Police Senior Inspector Nannie Precy O. Alcala, chief of women’s and children’s desk, said [...]
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Tuldok at Liwanag

March 12th, 2013 No comments
Untitled, by anonymous Ngayo’y tikom na ang kanilang mga bibig. Ang mga labi na kahit pa nananatiling may pusyaw ng kulay ng dugo ay tuyo na at tuluyan nang isinara ng pangako ng paglimot. Nagwakas...

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Ang Ilusyon ng Kalayaan

March 11th, 2013 No comments
"Tumble" by Sarah Harvey. Oil on canvas. Siya’y bumaklas, subalit sa pansamantalang kalayaan ay nangarap ulit siyang maging bilanggo. Nakapulanggos man ay hirap siyang talikuran ang mundong kanyang...

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